Astral Kuriboh
Astral Kuriboh

Astral Kuriboh – #BROL-EN061

You can reveal 1 “Number” Xyz Monster in your Extra Deck; Special Summon this card from your hand. If you do, this card’s Level becomes the revealed monster’s Rank, also while it is face-up in the Monster Zone, you cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck, except “Number” Xyz Monsters. You can only use this effect of “Astral Kuriboh” once per turn. A “Number” Xyz Monster that was Summoned using this card on the field as material gains this effect. ● Cannot be destroyed by battle or your opponent’s card effects.

Date Reviewed:  December 13th, 2021

Rating: 3.88

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Astral Kuriboh begins our Brothers of Legend week, though we’ll be looking at Utopia support.

Easy Special Summon requirement for this little guy, anyone can run a “Number” Xyz Monster in their Extra Deck for a free summon. Weaker stats than typical “Kuriboh” family members, but that is likely because it has more effects. Level changing to the Rank of the revealed monster helps with Xyz Summoning, which ties into the restriction it puts on the player. Locking you into Number Xyz monsters is a hard restriction to limit people running Astral Kuriboh for the free extender, however if you are going for the Numbers monster straight-away then this won’t be a problem.

Once you use Astral Kuriboh for that Numbers Xyz Summon that monster won’t be dying from battle or opponent’s card effects, awesome. Your opponent can still remove it from the field in other ways, but locking them out from battle destruction gives you a wall of protection. The destruction protection is all card effects, so if your opponent wants this thing off the field they are going to have to commit to using a non-destruction effect, likely a monster effect like Castel, and while that isn’t a stretch for an opponent to use a non-destruction monster effect, most of the time opponents are summoning monsters to negate your card effects.

There are a lot of “Numbers” choices to run and Astral Kuriboh helps you Xyz summon them easier. If you are Xyz Summoning a lot, and you have a few “Numbers” in your Extra Deck, I’d think about running one or two of these.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

From the gimmicky Numerounious monsters you’ll only pull off 1 in every 1000 games and only cause you really tried to do it, we get probably the more known anime stuff from Zexal and the stuff that’s more playable: Utopia. The week starts off with a new Kuriboh to help summon your Numbers: Astral Kuriboh.

Astral Kuriboh is a Level 1 LIGHT Fiend with 100 ATK and DEF. Stats do match Rainbow Kuriboh, but not the others, though it probably doesn’t matter when they’re as low as Kuribohs are. LIGHT and Fiend still nice. Anyways, you can reveal a Number Xyz in your Extra Deck to Special Summon this card from the hand with the same Level as the Rank of the revealed Number, but you can only summon Number Xyzs from the Extra Deck while this is face-up after being summoned this way. It’s a pretty good effect to guarantee you at least 1 material for your Number, which is fine they locked this to Numbers considering how easy it could end up being to abuse this, but there are still good Number monsters that aren’t any of the several that are banned. You can obviously summon a Utopia and make Utopia plays. There’s some strong Rank 8s like Number 38, Number 90, and Number 97. The Rank 4 toolbox is solid with cards like Number 41, Number 80, Number 82 (for ZEUS), Number 101, Number 103, Number 104, etc. You can make a Rank 5 and get Number 61. There’s just a ton of good Numbers to list off. This of course is a hard once per turn effect for Astral Kuriboh, cause you can’t make those high Rank Numbers too easy to summon. The second effect is granted to a Number Xyz that uses this as Xyz Material for its summon where it cannot be destroyed by battle or the opponent’s card effects, basically making it extremely difficult to out. I’ve seen some shenanigans with Number 59: Crooked Cook going around to give you a near invincible monster while you try and pull off a wincon like Exodia, but that’s also achievable with Right-Hand Shark and kinda don’t need effect protection with that if you keep your board clear of other monsters. Astral Kuriboh is honestly a decent little card. In Decks dedicated towards a specific Rank that have a good Number monster to access, this is a free body. It’s main home is probably Utopia cause you want to get your boss monsters out as soon as possible, but it’s good to experiment with in other Decks if you want the extra body on board.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5 So did Rainbow Kuriboh actually come from the Astral World?

Dark Paladin's Avatar

In what I believe is our week leading to our end of the year countdown, here’s a new member of the Kuriboh family.  Astral Kuriboh is Light/Fiend and Level, with 100 attack and defense.  This guy is a little more theme driven being his synergy, or attempted synergy, with Number specific XYZ Monsters.  Revealing 1 of those from your Extra Deck lets you Special Summon AK here, also from your Hand.  Simple enough here to accomplish and it’s just the start of the chain events here.  For a really nifty trick, the Level of this card becomes equal to the Rank of the XYZ you revealed.  It’s a really fun and awesome way to manipulate Level here to drop (ideally) a big boy to your Field.  Next is a fairly standard ‘only can Special Summon Numbers’ clause, which I’m never a fan of, but it’s locking you into what it’s trying to synergize with.  For a final delight, a Number XYZ who was XYZ Summoned using this card gains Battle immunity as well as protection from your opponent’s Card Effects.  If you’re using a couple or even a few Numbers, you’re using this, and if you’re using LOTS of numbers, use multiples of this, too.  Great support for Numbers.

Rating:  3.75/5

Art:  4.5/5  Astral Kuriboh looks like he’s made of space age glass or crystal perhaps…the background is rather astral looking, but he doesn’t so much himself.

Mighty Vee

This week continues the Zexal theme from last week’s rather sad Numeron cards, focusing on new Utopia support recently released in Brothers of Legend. We start off strong with Astral Kuriboh, a level 1 LIGHT fiend. As expected of a level 1 monster, it has a pitiful 100 attack and defense, which is frankly for the best.

Astral Kuriboh’s effect is once per turn; while it’s in your hand, you can reveal a Number monster in your extra deck and special summon Astral Kuriboh, with its level becoming the same as that monster’s rank. As a downside, you’re locked into Number XYZ monsters from the extra deck until Astral Kuriboh is no longer face-up on the field, so you can’t cheat out a free monster for a synchro summon or for just any XYZ summon. Additionally, any Number monster you XYZ summon with can’t be destroyed by battle or by card effects. This makes for a gimmicky but hilarious combination with Number 59: Crooked Cook, which becomes practically invincible without the aid of Kaiju, or just a generally good protection for any XYZ boss monster like Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy. Unfortunately, the protection doesn’t apply to any monsters that rank up from the resulting summon, so making something like Number 39: Utopia Double is not advised. Still, in a worst-case-scenario, it’s still an extender for XYZ decks, so there’s not much harm in running it if you have plenty of Numbers in your extra deck.

Advanced: 3.75/5
Art: 4/5 It’s Astral combined with a Kuriboh, exactly what you’d expect.

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