Archmage Emeritus
Archmage Emeritus

Archmage Emeritus – Strixhaven 

Date Reviewed:  May 24, 2021

Constructed: 3.00
Casual: 4.25
Limited: 4.00
Multiplayer: 3.50
Commander [EDH]: 4.00

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Archmage Emeritus may not have a great survivability-to-mana cost ratio, but he certainly promises a major payoff if he does stay on the table. Despite the changes to design philosophy over the past ten years or so, there is still plenty of power in instants and sorceries, and even more interesting designs and effects. If you’re just looking for a draw engine, there are some that might be more competitive, though I wouldn’t discount him by any means – particularly if some part of your combo or sequence requires you to sacrifice a creature or something similar.

Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 4/5
Limited: 4/5
Multiplayer: 4/5
Commander: 4/5

 James H. 


Simple but sweet, Archmage Emeritus helps decks that want to cast lots of instants and sorceries cast even more of them. A cantrip on top of every one of them makes them a lot better, and they even come with the benefits of being a Wizard (which matters more in deeper formats). While its body is mediocre, and it needs to survive a turn in most cases to get value, this might be a nice option for decks that want to play things out more reactively. Probably a bit too slow for Standard, but Wizard decks and spellslinger decks are pretty satisfied with its abilities.

Constructed: 3
Casual: 4.5
Limited: 4
Multiplayer: 3
Commander: 4

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