Arcana Triumph Joker
Arcana Triumph Joker

Arcana Triumph Joker – #KICO-EN001

If this card is in your hand or GY: You can send 1 “Queen’s Knight”, “King’s Knight”, and “Jack’s Knight” from your hand and/or face-up Monster Zone to the GY; Special Summon this card. This card gains 500 ATK x the combined number of cards in both players’ hands. You can discard 1 card; destroy all face-up cards your opponent controls with the same type (Monster, Spell, or Trap) as the discarded card.

Date Reviewed:  August 20th, 2021

Rating: 2.33

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Arcana Triumph Joker wraps up our week looking at King’s Court and is quite the interesting card. Use one of each of your knights to Special Summon ATJ from your hand or grave: pulls herself back from the grave or leaps from the hand, good so far despite what she needs to do that. At least the copies of your knights can be in your hand, otherwise forget it. Combined hand amount x500ATK can beef her up to a ridiculous amount. Summoning her turn zero without using any other cards would leave you with one and your opponent about to get their sixth: 3500ATK. You obviously want to combine this card with Joker’s Straight to minimize the requirements because it is easier to play Joker’s Straight, pay the discard one, and summon her rather than dropping 60% of your hand to play her. A board-wipe for whatever card you discard is immensely powerful. Cards have to be face-up, so certain decks get hurt worse by this effect, but you are using her most of the time for monster removal, given how many monsters you run in this archetype and copies of each.

Because of the support she is easier to attain than before, though, like yesterday’s card, dumping her into the grave and using something to revive her sounds better because that board-wipe & ATK gain isn’t predicated on her being summoned the way she was intended to be summoned. Turn zero that way gets you ATJ with 3 cards in your hand and soon-to-be 6 in your opponents: 4500ATK and it took two cards…also, Thunderspeed Summon can summon her.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

We end the week off with the new boss for the Poker Knights, and I highly wish it was a Fusion: Arcana Triumph Joker.

Arcana Triumph Joker is a Level 10 LIGHT Warrior with ? ATK and 2500 DEF. Good DEF and the ATK is based on the number of cards in both player’s hands, so it should be respectable when taking both hands into consideration. If this card is in the hand or graveyard, you can send Queen’s, King’s, and Jack’s Knight from your hand or field to the grave to summon this. Alright, about what I expected from this. Still wish it was a Fusion so you didn’t have to draw it, but that might of just made it a better Arcana Knight Joker, so I guess I understand why they didn’t, even if the old Knight could of used an upgrade. You can discard a card to destroy all face-up cards the opponent controls of the same type as the card discarded (Monster, Spell, Trap). You’re most likely discarding a monster considering those are what’s faceup most often as Spells are usually going to the grave after use outside a Field or Continuous Spell and most good Traps are set on the field and mostly aren’t Continuous to stay around long enough. Instead you go for monsters, which most likely are going to be monsters to negate this. I wish the pop was a Quick Effect, don’t think that’d be too good for Poker Knights. I’ll at least appreciate a lack of a once per turn. Overall, I still believe this would of been a better Fusion. As it is, it’s somewhat fine but I actually prefer Slifer the Sky Dragon as a boss monster in the Poker Knights, which is searchable alongside this. I guess at least this monster doesn’t require you to get the 3 monsters on field.

Advanced Rating: 2.5/5

Art: 5/5 Alright, this feels like a worthy boss version of Queen’s Knight if the others were supposed to be King’s and Jack’s Knight.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Let me start by saying nope.  Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.

This review is going to be very ExMinionofDarkness sounding but let’s see.  


*Can Special Summon from the Hand or your Grave
*Sends K/Q/J Knights to your Grave (again from your Hand and/or Field)
*Destruction Effect


*Attack dependent on BOTH players Hand size
-So your opponent is either 1-not going to care and just destroy this (even at a high attack) with an Effect or Magic/Trap as:

          *She has a LIMITED destruction Effect that has you discard to use, so every 
            time you do, the attack of this card is going to drop.

*Destruction Effect only Targets your opponent’s FACE UP cards.  Sure, that’s going to be useful on Monsters (assuming the Effect goes through at all) but it doesn’t do anything for the back row, and if you have to play a card (or cards) to deal with their back row, you’re only LOSING MORE ATTACK off this card.  So that Effect is counter productive to the Effect of itself boosting its attack.  

*The Effect is NOT Quick.  It could have and should have been, it would have given this card a shot at being played competitively and it sure as hell wouldn’t have been broken if said Effect had been of the Quick variety.  

Either they made this card bad on purpose, or they were afraid of it being OP.  Regardless, it shows BIG TIME.  You’re not even guaranteed a big attack, again, unless your opponent plays into it and doesn’t care, or you over extend yourself.  Playing from the Hand to drop this card is only going to lower its attack too, and with a very limited destruction ability and NO protection, this card is just jank.  It’s really disappointing to be honest.  Stick with yesterday or even Arcana Extra Joker, cause THIS is NOT it  Sorry folks.

Rating:  sadly, for the second week in a row, the week ends with a 1/5

It’s just not worth your time or investment, even in the Deck, there are better cards.  

Art:  Not to kick a card when it’s down, but this ever so slightly different armored Queen’s Knight (while I appreciate the diversity in seeing a female Arcane card here) just is lazy and a half.  Even that background is silly.  1/5 also

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