Ancient Gear Tanker
Ancient Gear Tanker

Ancient Gear Tanker – #LEDE-EN007

If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 “Ancient Gear” monster from your hand, except “Ancient Gear Tanker”, ignoring its Summoning conditions, or, if your opponent controls a monster, you can Special Summon from your GY instead. You can target 1 face-up card you control; destroy it, also for the rest of this turn, all monsters you control that are “Ancient Gear Golem”, or mention it, gain 600 ATK. You can only use each effect of “Ancient Gear Tanker” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  May 20th, 2024

Rating: 3.50

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Crunch$G Avatar

Ancient Gears make a return with a new wave of support for us to cover this week, and we’ll start with one of the two new Level 4s: Ancient Gear Tanker.

Tanker is a Level 4 EARTH Machine with 1300 ATK and DEF. Not the greatest stats, but EARTH Machines are great. First effect triggers on Normal or Special Summon, letting you Special Summon any Ancient Gear monster from the hand, besides Tanker, or if the opponent controls a monster you can instead summon from the graveyard. Your opponent will likely have a monster for this considering Ancient Gears is a going second Deck that wants to OTK with big numbers, but either way it’s another Ancient Gear on the field, which can get you Golem if you have it to use Ancient Gear Fusion. Any other Ancient Gear at least means you can Link Summon your Ballista for a search. Other effect lets you target a face-up card you control and destroy it to boost all your Ancient Gear Golems or monsters that mention it by 600 ATK for the turn. It destroys Geartown or Fortress to get another body on field, and it gives your big monsters a bit of an ATK boost to do extra damage. Hard once per turn on each effect, Ancient Gear Tanker is helpful for getting your Ancient Gears on board for your plays while also adding potential damage to your board for an OTK. It works well for the Deck enough to play 2 or 3 copies.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 You’d think Ancient Gear Soldier in the Tank gives it the immediate 600 ATK boost, but oh well.

Mighty Vee

Classes might be over for many students at the moment, but that Dr. Crowler will respectfully disagree– this week we’re diving into the Ancient Gear support from Legacy of Destruction, starting with Ancient Gear Tanker. Tanker is a level 4 EARTH Machine monster, fitting like a glove into both its own deck and EARTH Machine pile decks, as well as Vernusylph decks if you’re crazy enough to try. There are way too many ways to search Tanker, but the combo lines I’ve seen access it through Ancient Gear Wyvern, which makes sense considering its effects. Tanker has a stat spread of 1300 attack and defense, which is uncharacteristically poor for an Ancient Gear monster but it can’t be helped for a combo piece.

Tanker has two hard once per turn effects, the first triggering if it’s Normal or Special Summoned to Special Summon any Ancient Gear monster from your hand ignoring its summoning conditions, with the option to summon from the Graveyard if your opponent controls a monster. Even going first, this effect is handy for unclogging your hand of Ancient Gear Golems, which have classically been bricks in this deck; they still are, but this time you can actually weave them into combos. Going second, you should have few problems summoning from the Graveyard. Either way, this is obviously a nice effect for combo lines, even if it can be a bit unreliable due to changing in function going second. Tanker’s other effect lets you target and destroy a face-up card you control to boost the attack of all Ancient Gear Golems and monsters that mention it by 600 for the rest of the turn. The attack boost is largely irrelevant; the main draw is being able to destroy your own Geartown for the sweet Special Summon from deck. While Geartown itself unfortunately still can’t cheat out Ancient Gear Golem proper, there are plenty of strong targets, including the new excellent combo piece we’ll get to later this week. Overall, like most cards this wave, Tanker is a powerful combo piece for Ancient Gear, though I wish it was a starter on its own. Run 1 copy since Ancient Gear combos are flexible enough that it will rarely be a true garnet.

+Can help field Ancient Gear Golem and get it out of your hand
+Easily triggers Geartown
-Doesn’t start any combos unless you have Geartown
-Relying on the Graveyard summon for combos can be problematic

Advanced: 3.5/5
Art: 3.25/5 Not, in fact, a Jack Atlas reference.

KoL's Avatar
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