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Pojo's Toybox

Brought to you by Pojo's Toy Guy: AbraKris

Hasbro's Toy World

Hasbro is the leading producer in the Pokémon World! Their toys are of high quality, and keep many kids amused, and collectors in awe across the globe!

Hasbro Release Schedule
Here is the most recent official release dates direct from Hasbro, for all their existing, aswell as upcomming Pokémon assortments. Hasbro usually releases one of these at the annual Toy Fair in a few months.

GS Pokémon: Series 1
The new 100 Gold and Silver Pokémon are to be released onto the market in three series. Series 1 Pokémon are now available to add to your collection, which includes over 30 new Pokémon.

2" Figure Dex
Pokémon 2" figures available in Hasbro's Battle Figure, Poké Ball Blaster and Grabber Ball assortments are very popular among Pokémon collectors. Take a look at this visual guide I have put together for you.

Hasbro Assortments

Below you will find sections for all of Hasbro's assortments. They are continually being updated with the most recent news, and updates will be posted in the Toy Box news posts.
If we do not have an assortment here that you would like to see, the please, feel free to contact me at abrakris@pojo. If you also have something to contribute, contact me at the same address.

Bean-Bag Plush
The perfect collectible companion for kids of all ages, these adorable Pokémon mini plush characters are filled with bean bag...

Combat Figures
The action figures in the Hasbro Pokémon line aim to please with cool action features to recreate favourite battle scenes...

Electronic Plush
Cute and cuddly plush versions of kids' favorite Pokémon characters become more animated and talkative the more you play with...

Jumbo Plush
Your favorite plush Pokémon characters now come in ultra-large size for ultra-big fun.

Action Figures
Line Discontinued
Each assortment includes two of your favorite Pokémon figures standing 5-inches tall with articulated features.

Electronic Figures
Line Discontinued
These hand-held interactive Electronic Pokémon Figures are equipped with electronic sounds, lights and/or speech. They are cute and...

Ultra Electronic Figures
Line Discontinued
For the serious Pokémon Masters out there, these interactive Ultra Electronic Pokémon Figures come equipped with electronic sounds, lights, speech...

Mini Playsets
Line Discontinued
Returning again are three popular Mini Playsets that open up to reveal a Pokémon adventure world, each featuring two Pokémon...

Power Bouncers
Line Discontinued
Each clear super bouncing ball contains one of many Pokémon. Many new characters join existing Power Bouncer favorites.

Pull Backs
Line Discontinued
Pull 'em back and watch 'em go! Collect and race all your favorites.

Remote Control Battling Pokémon
Line Discontinued
Experience the power of Pokémon where you control the action. Each moves forward and reverse for super battles.

Quick-Change Poké Ball
Line Discontinued
Cool new plush figures change from a Pokémon character to a Poké Ball with just a flip, twist and a zip.

2" Figure Assortments

Battle Figures
Each Battle Figure pack includes two Pokémon 2" figures with either a clear plastic Poké Ball or two figure Podiums...

Grabber Balls
Kids reenact the fantasy of being a Pokémon Trainer capturing their Pokémon after battle. Includes all they need to succeed...

Deluxe Trainer Figures
The first human figures offered in Hasbro’s Pokémon line. You’ve seen them daily on the animated Pokémon TV show, and...

Poké Ball Blasters
Line Discontinued
This toy includes three Pokémon figures plus a Poké Ball Blaster accessory. The Poké Ball Blaster launches a mini Poké...

Line Discontinued
These special Pokémon figure packs include popular Pokémon figures along with their Battle Discs. Each pack is themed by Pokémon...

Collector Sets
Line Discontinued
This incredible 10-figure set is a great way to get a collection of Hasbro's Pokémon Battle Figures started, or to...

Think Chip Technology

Think Chip Figures
The action never ends with a whole cast of Pokémon characters to choose from for use with the Think Chip...

Think Chip Battle Stadium
Would-be Pokémon Masters must call upon all their strategy and skill when they enter the spectacular Pokémon Think Chip Battle...

Think Chip Interactive Trainers
These ten-inch figures have dozens of electronic sounds, including actual voices from the TV show. Kids experience the special...

Think Chip Pokédex
This electronic talking accessory lets kids organize all their Think Chip Figures’ vital statistics, just like Ash does with his...

Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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