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Pojo's Toybox

Brought to you by Pojo's Toy Guy: AbraKris

Breaking Toy News

March 31, 2001


The Toy Box now has some more new areas to be explored.

Pokémon Action Figures by Hasbro are two 5" articulated figurines.
Electronic Figures respond to your sound, movement, by recreating their calls from the TV series, aswell as producing their own unique movements.
Ultra Electronic Figures are for the serious Pokémon Trainers out there. These guys have battle roars, moving parts, and more! Plus, they are huge!
Power Bouncers by Hasbro are ultra bouncy balls which contain a small Pokémon inside.
Deluxe Trainer Figures include one 2" Pokémon figure as well as our favourite human characters we know and love!

For a complete list of Hasbro's releases for the upcoming months, visit our "Hasbro's Release Schedule" page. The dates there are official dates, directly from Hasbro, and are updated when ever I manage to get a new release list.


If you have been exploring Pojo's Toy Box, you may have noticed when you have gone to an assortments page, four little subtitles... Previous Assortments; Available Now; Now Shipping; Coming Soon. For these to be as acurate as possible we need your feedback! We want to know what you have seen at your local toy outlet! We do not care if they are old or new assortments, as this information lets us, as well as the rest of you, know what is still shipping, and where.

So please, send your e-mails to abrakris@pojo.com.


Electronic Pokémon Figure by Hasbro, have been making their way onto the market, quite slowly. Recently, we saw Vulpix and Lapras electronic figure appear, and a short time later, electronic Charizard arrived on the scene.

Well, now electronic Weezing has started appearing. We have a picture of it in our Electronic Figures section under Hasbro's Toy World.


Well I recently received confirmation from Hasbro Australia, that no ThinkChip Pokémon Figures or any other ThinkChip assortment will be shipped to Australia.

Their reasons included a dwindling market, aswell as their selling price would be quite outrageous for children to be able to afford with one figure costing around $30.00 AU.

My personal tip to all those Australians who were waiting for this line, is to turn to eBay.

 CELEBI'S SIGHTINGS - Visitor Feedback

PLEASE NOTE:  Celebi's Sightings” is an educational, yet fun section of our news where readers submit Pokemon reports, product information, toy sightings, aswell as their views and opinions. This section is intended for entertainment purposes only. Information that has been “VALIDATED AND AUTHENTICATED” by the “PoJo Team” is placed in the above section. If you would like to submit a report, sighting, view, or whatever, send it to abrakris@pojo.com and watch for it in future news posts. As always, we thank our readers for their contributions.

--> Anonymous -- hi i was wondering is it impossible to get ponyta and rapidash because in my town ponyta and rapidash never even came out so is there some way i can buy it?
You would be very lucky if you found one now. Try eBay.

--> Sally -- Congrats on becoming the "Toy Guy" on Pojo! I frequent your site at PokeGuide.com for up-to-date Pokemon toy news and have always found it to be very informative. Pojo made an excellent decision to include you with their team of "experts". Now that you're with Pojo, this has become my one-stop site for Pokemon News. Good luck!

--> TheCursedOne -- When I had asked the last time if there were going to be 26 Unown figures released it was because I had two of them already and only one is known. Here is a picture:

--> Sharon -- These two are Japanese Banpesto Plush not Hasbro.
Refering to the Delibird and Hitmontop Plush that have been in the news recently.

Sharon also shares her communtications with Hasbro reguarding the Blastoise Bean-Bag Plush. Out of all the e-mails Sharon sent, and from all the replies she received, this one is the only one that, well, the only one that answered her question.
"According to our records the item was never made. However, it is possible it was released in a test market only, therefore it was not accessible to everyone and since it was never widely released, we do not have any information available. We appreciate your interest."

--> Wartortle -- Could anyone tell me what internet sites sell the brand new pokemon beanies (Heracross, Gligar, etc.) in Łs? Also If there are any shops near Bristol that sell them? Please E-mail me Direct at will_havercroft61@hotmail.com. Thanks

Share your Pokémon news and toy sightings with us! We want to hear everything you have to say!

Contact AbraKris @ abrakris@pojo.com

Thanks everyone

Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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