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Pojo's Toybox

Brought to you by Pojo's Toy Guy: AbraKris

Breaking Toy News

March 23, 2001


Hi guys and girls, and welcome to Pojo's newest installment, 'Pojo's Toybox'. You can call me AbraKris... Pojo's 'toy guy' ;-)

In Pojo's Toybox you will be able to find images of all the latest, most popular (as well as not so popular), greatest, fascinating Pokémon toys out there today from the English market, as well as the Japanese side of things.

Hasbro is the major Pokémon toy producer for the US and other English markets such as Canada, UK, and Australia, and we will have a major focus on them and their input into the Pokémon World we know and love.

We will also keep informed with up-to-date official release schedules from the manufacturers themselves.

If it is Pokémon toys you love, then this is your one stop shop for all the information you need.


One of Hasbro's newest lines, Pokémon Combat Figures have proved to be a huge hit among kids everywhere.

At this years New York Toy Fair, alot of Pokémon assortments were not on show, and presumably had been discontinued due to the drop in the Pokémon 'fad'. But there was a corner dedicated to Pokémon Combat Figures, which proves Hasbro has plans for this line.

Only a fairly new line, there are not many Combat Figures available at the moment.

1st Wave
#003 Venusaur
#006 Charizard
#009 Blastoise

2nd Wave
#025 Pikachu
#033 Nidorino
#075 Graveler
#144 Articuno

#145 Zapdos
#146 Moltres
#167 Spinarak
#214 Heracross

Images of all four will be up in the 'Hasbro Toy World' section as soon as I get the section online.

The next wave of Combat Figures includes Chikorita and Totodile, so keep an eye out and let me know if you find them.


Since this is a new page, and not all of you out there are familiar with current toy situations and releases, I have decided just to recap on some inportant information for you Pokémon collectores out there, over the next few news installments.

Well, if you didn't happen to see my report in Jackie's lates Pojo news installment, the new 100 G/S Pokemon are divided into three waves. Each wave has about 30 odd characters. The fist wave of G/S characters to be produced in Hasbro lines are:

#152 Chikorita
#153 Bayleef
#154 Meganium
#155 Cyndaquil
#156 Quilava
#157 Typhlosion
#158 Totodile
#159 Croconaw
#160 Feraligatr
#161 Sentret
#163 Hoothoot
#165 Ledyba
#167 Spinarak
#173 Cleffa
#174 Igglybuff
#175 Togepi
#179 Mareep
#182 Bellossom
#183 Marill
#187 Hoppip
#192 Sunflora
#195 Quagsire
#199 Slowking
#207 Gligar
#209 Snubbull
#212 Scizor
#214 Heracross
#232 Donphan
#234 Stantler
#239 Elekid
#242 Blissey
#249 Lugia
#250 Ho-oh

You can see a small scan of the poster which lists the first G/S Pokémon. This poster was given away through Toy World's in Australia.

 CELEBI'S SIGHTINGS - Visitor Feedback

PLEASE NOTE:  Celebi's Sightings” is an educational, yet fun section of our news where readers submit Pokemon reports, product information, toy sightings, aswell as their views and opinions. This section is intended for entertainment purposes only. Information that has been “VALIDATED AND AUTHENTICATED” by the “PoJo Team” is placed in the above section. If you would like to submit a report, sighting, view, or whatever, send it to abrakris@pojo.com and watch for it in future news posts. As always, we thank our readers for their contributions.

--> Send on in your news and sightings.

Share your Pokémon news and toy sightings with us! We want to hear everything you have to say!

Contact AbraKris @ abrakris@pojo.com

Thanks everyone

Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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