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The RaNd0m Report

The Saga of Sets: 4/9 (or 10 even) Team Rocket

            Oh yes, the famed (or infamed) Team Rocket set. Quite possibly the most hyped set, and quite possibly the worst. But when this set rotates out of modified, modified will NEVER be the same. And now… Team Rocket.

1/82 – Dark Alakazam – 60 HP. Bad. Attacks. Good. 3 Retreat. Bad. Overall, not the greatest poke.

2/82 – Dark Arbok – Really weird. =/ Play this, and I’ll cry.

3/82 – Dark Blastoise – Good card. Possible to play in modified. With TR hideout, 90 HP makes him a powerhouse. Play this… he’s really fun.

4/82 – Dark Charizard – Great card… if played right. I prefer Dark Typhlosion though.

5/82 – Dark Dragonite – Underused. Could be good in the right deck, but its stage 1 is better.

6/82 – Dark Dugtrio – Certainly interesting. If you can flip, (or jinx your opponent =D) try playing it. Low hp is a problem though.

7/82 – Dark Golbat – Neat! Do 10 to any pokemon, then do 20. That takes out babies for sure! Played with Dark Crobat, you can ko people just by evolving!

8/82 – Dark Gyarados – Final Beam? Based on a flip? Ice Beam? 30 and para? Decent, but weak overall.

9/82 – Dark Hypno – Nice… but twisted. Sort of a Do the Wave with flips and opponent’s benches.

10/82 – Dark Machamp – Fling? For THAT much? Really weak.

11/82 – Dark Magneton – Twisted. This set has one thing going for it. It was great for noobs =/

12/82 – Dark Slowbro – The only good thing about this card is the name of the attack. Fickle… ROFLMAO =D

13/82 – Dark Vileplume – Seriously a GOOD card! Stopping all trainers? ELITE :o

14/82 – Dark Weezing – A guy on IRC named HexHax used to have a great deck with this card. What I like about this set is that it forces people to think OUTSIDE the lines.

15/82 – Here Comes Team Rocket – Point? Only with Rattata TR would this possibly have use.

16/82 – Rocket’s Sneak Attack – With Trap, a good card. Takes a lot of skill to play this card well.

17/82 – Rainbow Energy – Used in decks where its needed. This set introduced the “non-basic energies”. Even though DCE was out, many people didn’t understand it until this set.


18-31 = just like 1-13, except Dark Vileplume has a weakness to fighting. It only makes it worse -_-.


32/82 – Dark Charmeleon – Interesting card… but overall disgusting. I don’t see the point in the attacks -_-.

33/82 – Dark Dragonair – A god in a evolution deck. It’s useful and playable in standard.

34/82 – Dark Electrode – “=/” Seriously horrible. -_-

35/82 – Dark Flareon – And NOW it gets repetitive. Most of these cards are TOILET PAPER! This included.

36/82 – Dark Gloom  - I like the attack AND the pokemon power… and it is played. Nice card.

37/82 – Dark Golduck – Super Psy: NICE! Nice card to play in a heavy typhlosion environment… especially with king and sneasel J!

38/82 – Dark Jolteon – I love this card. With neo 2 eevee… you can do spectacular first turn attacks.

39/82 – Dark Kadabra – Broken power. Broken attack. Iffy hp. Great card, though.

40/82 – Dark Machoke – Are we there yet? Not the card I’d be looking for, though I’ve heard that W00T_ has a good deck with this guy.

41/82 – Dark Muk – HOLD EVERYTHING! The epitome of all! The great, the boisterous, DARK MUK! This, my friends, is the best card of all time. OK, so it’s not that good, but it’s rip-roaring to play =D! I love this guy. Warning: Don’t ever go up to ClefairyDoll and tell her that this guy is a loser. She’ll seriously “=/” you.

42/82 – Dark Persian – Not much here. Why play colorless losers like this anyway? =P

43/82 – Dark Primeape – Well, at one time I came up with a broken combo with this! At least I thought! “Play this card with miracle berry! Then do 40 damage, get confused, then stop being confused but be confused at the same time and do 70 next turn!” Ah… it was worth a try.

44/82 – Dark Rapidash – Don’t play it. Just don’t. Seriously. =/

45/82 – Dark Vaporeon – Again, =/

46/82 – Dark Wartortle – Only use for evolution. If you attack with him, I’ll seriously point and laugh. *RaNd0m points.

47/82 – Magikarp – The best magikarp you’ll ever see! Hurry now, you better get your gyarados! Oh wait, why would you play gyarados…?

48/82 – Porygon – Interesting combo I found with Scizor… but that’s for another article.

49/82 – Abra – “-_-“
50/82 – Charmander – Actually good. R for 20… nice. Power works as well.

51/82 – Dark Raticate – Ok… it LOOKS good, but its NOT. =/

52/82 – Diglett – Interesting. I’d rather play the 30 hp one though…

53/82 – Dratini – Heh. =/

54/82 – Drowzee – Hypno is nothing to look at… so neither is this.

55/82 – Eevee – Play neo 2 eevee. =/ Ignore this.

56/82 – Ekans – Solid.

57/82 – Grimer – I prefer this over fossil… which is uncommon in today’s environment. However, I really like this guy’s second attack. A chance for 30 and para for 2? VERY nice.

58/82 – Koffing – Play base set.

59/82 – Machop – Colorless attack. Sort of a TecH possibility… but no =/

60/82 – Magnemite – Interesting… a theme deck possibly? Uh… no. =/

61/82 – Mankey – The best mankey. Try it sometime.

62/82 – Meowth – Oh look… wait a second. As I surf this neo 4 translation site, I find Dark Slowking! Wow that picture looks scary! Oh this card? The worst card in my life… I’d play base gastly before this………. -_- of a cat.

63/82 – Oddish – Nice card. Seriously nice.

64/82 – Ponyta – Junk.

65/82 – Psyduck – Twisted… but use fossil.

66/82 – Rattata – Use with Here Comes Team Rocket. Otherwise, throw it out. Don’t even keep it… its not worth the jokes.

67/82 – Slowpoke – Actually, good. A powered slowking turn two. I prefer Neo Genesis… although many good players prefer TR.

68/82 – Squirtle – A splashable poke. Used in modern raindance.

69/82 – Voltorb – Hmmm… which would you choose? C for 10, or L for 20? Tough question… ¬_¬

70/82 – Zubat – Horrible. Use Neo Revelation =P

71/82 – See 15

72/82 – See 16

73/82 – The Boss’ Way - Good in a heavy dark deck. Finding evolutions is nice… this can be used in a dark crobat deck.

74/82 – Challenge! – Everyone used to think: Play this in every wiggly! It’s very lame to be truthful… although you always CAN play the TecH TR Meowth! But then… whats the point of the meowth?

75/82 – Digger – Oh yes… great card… 5/5 DEFINITELY. =/

76/82 – Imposter Oak’s Revenge – Good in trap.

77/82 – Nightly Garbage Run – Most used trainer from this set actually.

78/82 – Oh yeah… use this to stop a slowking or plume! GREAT idea… (note sarcasm ;p)

79/82 – Sleep! – Has combos. Could POSSIBLY have use.

80/82 – See 17

81/82 -  Good colorless energy.

82/82 – Good colorless energy.

83/82 – Wow! Didn’t this surprise you? When I first opened a pack of TR, I found this guy! I was like… was that supposed to be #3? But THAT didn’t make sense, it was an R. -_- Good card though.

            Finally -_- Long report. Took me two hours! Gym 1 and 2 will come sooner… they aren’t as tedious. Also, look forward to an article I should have out in a month or so… It’ll be a complete analysis (with stats =D) of standard and modified!

~ RaNd0m is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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