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The RaNd0m Report

The Saga of Sets: 3/9 Fossil

            October 1999. Fossil is released. The Pokemon world goes bananas! In another month, the first movie would be released. It would top the charts. This was the peak! Everyone was nearly crying though because Mew wasn’t in this set… and everyone wanted it.

            I remember these days… back when the rumored Gold/Silver editions were going to come out… and the Pokegods… lets all just LOL when we look back on these… well funny days.

            PoJo was an extremely popular site… and the online league was around the corner to form… and of course, Fossil was released.

            This set gave ruling headaches, revived Rain Dance, invented new archetypes, gave haymaker more power, and even looked cool! We all loved fossil… and we were hooked by this time. Many collectors started playing at this time. Now the review…

1/62 – Aerodactyl – It’s power is great! Whenever we hold evolution tourneys online, we always have to ban this sucker… he’s elite. Evolution being stopped is like… the best thing ever… although in this era, it had no use because everyone played haymaker!

2/62 – Articuno – This baddy was the big guy in raindance. His attacks are strong… and he has good hp, good resistance, good retreat. Honestly he’s broken in raindance, and just about every raindance DOES play him.

3/62 – Ditto – Great card. Whatever your opponent is doing, you can do twice as fast! With double colorless energy, all colored mana… I mean energy =P costs are colorless. Ditto is only weak against cards that need like waters in discard. (feraligatr)

4/62 – Dragonite – A solid colorless stage 2. Step in is a great power to have, and its evolutions are solid.

5/62 – Gengar – I LOVE this card. Curse is good, and dark mind is too. Add in resistance to fighting, a one retreat, and you have yourself a heck of a ghost!

6/62 – Haunter – I LOVE THIS CARD! Flat out good. 50 HP is a downside, but its power was unheard of at the time. This haunter 0wnz the other one… and if you like the other one… You resign.

7/62 – Hitmonlee – Decent. It was used in some haymakers… but its weakness to ditto made it a 2nd rate haymaker pokemon.

8/62 – Hypno - Never saw much of a point. Just play Gengar… drowzee isn’t worth it.

9/62 - Kabutops – Decent attacks, but the 60 hp for a stage 2 makes me nauseated.

10/62 – Lapras – Good back in the day. Needed in Rain Dance to get around Mr. Mime, and confuse ray was great!

11/62 – Magneton – Ok… it has a good first attack. More hp too! In fact, I think this one really is better… at blowing itself up.

12/62 – Moltres – Decks were made around this card… and it was good. If only there were a raindance for fire pokemon… that would make this card broken.

13/62 – Muk – Shuts down pokemon powers. Great card… although it wasn’t THAT useful at this time.

14/62 – Raichu – Ok… a 4 lightning cost for 30 right away should tell you this card isn’t worth it… even after reading the fine print.

15/62 – Zapdos – Ok… this looks about as good as Raichu… wait NO ITS NOT! It’s horrible! Oh my! =/

16-30 same as 1-15.

31/62 – Arbok – Terror Strike is bad… but Poison Fang has promise. Overall it’s not a bad card… good pick in draft.

32/62 – Cloyster – If you have a two headed coin, play this sucka! If not… don’t.

33/62 – Gastly – Nice card. Lick is solid, and 50 hp to boot? I like!

34/62 – Golbat – Decent card… almost like a scyther evolution. Practically splashable. If you um… like bats… play this guy… along with Crobat.

35/62 – Golduck – Decent card. LOVE That Hyper Beam, and psyshock is good. The first border between psychic and water.

36/62 – Golem – EW! Nasty… stage 2 with 80… that’s like as bad as kabutops! =/ And it blows up? =/

37/62 – Graveler – Decent. Not the greatest though due to his hp.

38/62 – Kingler – Decent, but the hp again. This looks really similar to graveler! =/

39/62 – Magmar – GOOD. Although baby pokemon reduced his greatness, he’s still a fantastic pokemon.

40/62 – Omastar – Not worth it.

41/62 – Sandslash – Fury Swipes is good… and slash is too. Nice pokemon!

42/62 – Seadra – Good, but that DARNED hp… I don’t think fossil specializes in hp, does it?

43/62 – Slowbro – Psyshock is good, but what good does Strange Behavior do? I can tell you one thing that this card does have right: IT IS STRANGE! =\

44/62 – Tentacruel – Well… this card makes me sick. =/ Don’t play this, whatever you do. That would make me have to resign.

45/62 – Weezing – Actually decent. Smog is a good attack… good almost be good.

46/62 – Ekans – Bad. Not that good. Good be an OK pokemon, but um… no

47/62 – Geodude – You could do 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,090 damage with this! But if you did, I think your opponent would get annoyed, and die. It’d take you years to flip that many coins!

48/62 – Grimer – Decent. Nasty goo is great!

49/62 – Horsea – Smokescreen is nasty. But 40 hp is bad. =/

50/62 – Kabuto – Power is good, scratch isn’t. This could be POSSIBLY good… but uh… no =/

51/62 – Krabby – An OK water pokemon. Could actually be used.

52/62 – Omanyte – Ok… just play poliwag people! Clairvoyance isn’t worth it… and the attack = poliwag. In fact, don’t play poliwag. Just resign right now if your considering any of those pokemon.

53/62 – Psyduck – Used for awhile to stop people from playing trainers, but once cleffa came out, it’s usefulness died.

54/62 – Base Gastly is better. Just run away.

55/62 – Slowpoke – Ok… Scavenge could be useful in remote circumstances… but as Jason would say, this card is “Ludicrously Obtuse”.

56/62 – Tentacool – good in damage swap, nothing else. It has 30 hp… whats the point? =/

57/62 – Zubat – Not that good… personally I prefer revelation zubat.

58/62 – Mr. Fuji – Could be good in some decks… and could be computer search bait in others.

59/62 – Energy Search – Good for finding energy… um… never mind. This IS TOILET PAPER!

60/62 – Gambler – Interesting card… could screw you, could make you win the game. You flip the coin =P

61/62 – Recycle is a good card when flipped right. But for people like me, that doesn’t ever happen.

62/62 – Mysterious Fossil – Necessary for decks with the fossil evolutions, but that is it. Like Clefairy Doll, it has no real purpose.

This was a good set, although the commons are boring to review =P Team Rocket will be reviewed sometime within a week… Probably next week. 

~ RaNd0m is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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