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The RaNd0m Report

The Saga of Sets: Part 2/9 (Jungle)

Well, here we dig into the Jungle! This set was a surprise to all pokemon players… and to the world of TCG’s. Usually, you’ll find out if a TCG is successful if it has an expansion. This one did, meaning it would become great. This is when the majority of players entered the scene. Jungle was a comparably small set, but had a huge effect on the game.

So here we go… The Saga of Sets: Part 2/9 Jungle (no colors this time ¬_¬)

Clefable 1/64 – This guy is a hitter. Ash2000, a person from online, makes great use of this. In a 4/4 ER/SER with electabuzz, and scyther, this guy is a CHAMP. I have a lot of problems with that deck of his…

Electrode 2/64 – Um… Base 0wnz this one by FAR. Don’t see any uses.

Flareon 3/64 – Nice actually, a rare low retreat fire pokemon. Didn’t see a LOT of play, but was used. Flamethrower was quite economical at the time.

Jolteon 4/64 – Love that Pin Missile! This guy was used… a lot. You’d see him with Scyther and Electabuzz to form a nice deck.

Kanghaskhan 5/64 – Fetch is very nice… the ultimate staller of the time.

Mr. Mime 6/64 – Blastoise just died. This guy was elite… used in a lot of anti evolution decks… became a popular Haymaker pokemon.

Nidoqueen 7/64 – Boyfriends is just flat out odd… and mega punch is expensive. Thanks, but no thanks.

Pidgeot 8/64 – Oh sure, it can win the game with hurricane, but are you willing to go through pidgey and pidgeotto to do it?

Pinsir 9/64 – Nice card. Used as a solid basic in many grass decks.

Scyther 10/64 – What can we say about this? At the time, the most versatile card out. Period.

Snorlax 11/64 – Well, this guy tries to be like scyther, only he weighs about 900 more pounds. A 4 retreat makes this guy not look adorable.

Vaporeon 12/64 – Nice, but too slow for a raindance.

Venomoth 13/64 – The randomness of this card has many possibilities… and was a nice card to use in grass. Grass sure saw a lot from this set.

Victreebel 14/64 – And this wasn’t what it saw. Ew… possibly the worst stage 2 EVER to exist. Ick, I can’t look at that ANY more.

Vileplume 15/64 – Decent, but chancy. Personally, I think Nidoking is a better stage 2.

Wigglytuff 16/64 – A revolutionary. This set formed the Wigglymaker, which dominated standard until Neo Genesis came out.

(17-32, same cards as 1-16)

Butterfree 33/64 – Decent, but the 70 hp and the high cost for mega drain steered many people away.

Dodrio 34/64 – Nice… helps lower retreat, and rage isn’t too shabby.

Exeggutor 35/64 – This guy, is unbelievable. Throw on the energy and watch your opponent cry…

Fearow 36/64 – Nice anti-hitmonchan, but that’s why you play scyther. =/

Gloom 37/64 – Status effects are good, which makes this card great.

Lickitung 38/64 – Great staller, like Kanghaskhan. Tongue wrap is just fun.

Marowak 39/64 – Nice fighting pokemon… but call for friend for 3 energy o_O That is odd…

Nidorina 40/64 – Decent pokemon… decent evolution… but bland.

Parasect 41/64 – Decent, yet bland. Spore is sick though…

Persian 42/64 – Nice pokemon. An anti-Promo Mewtwo. If Meowth was a bit better, it would’ve been extremely popular.

Primeape 43/64 – This is nice… I still see decks made around this at League. Primeape with Miracle Berry is very good.

Rapidash 44/64 – Flat out good. Agility is 0wnage, and stomp is good economically.

Rhydon 45/64 – Nice pokemon… but not worth evolving.

Seaking 46/64 – Ok… that’s just not even funny. Only good for teaching the game.

Tauros 47/64 – An ultimate no-rares tourney candidate. One of the solidest colorless basics IN no-rare tourneys.

Weepinbel 48/64 – Looks to me like a seaking.

Bellsprout 49/64 – Ok, DUDE! Who did that? That’s SICK. I’d play base GASTLY over THAT! =/

Cubone 50/64 – Nice basic to a nice evolution. Anti-Buzz.

Eevee 51/64 – Nice basic to get to the 3 eons. Commonly played at the time.

Exeggcute 52/64 – Decent… a Jigglypuff that takes colored energy.

Goldeen 53/64 – The famous quote from Scott Gerhardt says it all. “Magikarp, with looks.”

Jigglypuff 54/64 – Great anti- Mr. Mime. And also a great pokemon.

Mankey 55/64 – Although peek is comical, this pokemon is NOT good. Evolution ONLY.

Meowth 56/64 – 2 for 10? And a chance to draw a card? Sorry, I’ll just play Kanghaskhan.

Nidoran Female 57/64 – Very solid grass basic.

Oddish 58/64 – Nice staller, but for what reason? Personally, Vileplume isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Paras 59/64 – What is up with these guys and spore? Geez… who’s going to play 2 grass for sleep? =/

Pikachu 60/64 – A decent pikachu, and one that would be played until the movie promo comes out a few weeks later… with the raichus.

Rhyhorn 61/64 – Decent staller.

Spearow 62/64 – Well… it doesn’t look like much, and it isn’t.

Venonat 63/64 – An evolution to a powerful stage 1. Venomoth is worth this lowlife.

Pokeball 64/64 – Flip a coin to search your deck? Um… nice… but just computer search, or oak, or pokemon trader.

That was the Jungle set… pretty tiring to review since its 1:45 AM… ¬_¬ Happy New Year’s EVERYONE! May you have a great 2002! I’m sure I will ^_^

~ RaNd0m is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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