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The RaNd0m Report

Wizards Chat Has Passed: Now the Revolution Begins!

Normally, Ness is the one writing rants at Wizards, not me. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever really written a huge anti-WotC statement, or at least lead one. But tonight, Wizards cancelled competitiveness of 15+. That… is an outrage that won’t happen if we can help it. It was about 6:45 PM EST when the official call was made by the Wizards Brand Manager, that 15+ would become “Judges” and not play. That means to all you out there: Pokemon will eventually die if this isn’t stopped. They are killing the game we love.

<MLY2K> Yeah Kill WOTC They Don’t Need To Do This To US!

I heard this quote about 7:03 EST. It’s almost true. Why are they doing this? Do they really want to kill the game? Then, I said something about it, and they banned me. Now what is wrong with these guys? Are they anti-free speechers? Communists? Now I know that’s harsh, but that is how the majority of the players feel at this time.

<M22> “How can new players, old players, and retired players alike get social activity now? I mean, online leagues are great, but how long will they last? I for one won’t be going out to play M:TG. I’ll just be sitting on my computer, enjoying the nice game of pokemon.”

That says it all pretty much. PoJo, and PoJo’s League, will probably last longer than Pokemon!

Master_trainer_mike says, “Please understand that Pokemon was never meant as a highly competitive game. I’m sure some of you are aware that how we can deal with competition and winning and losing differes as we grow older.”

darkmt_mike says, “Folks, you will still be able to participate in the Stadium Challange series just like you did at the STS. There will be events for all ages there.”

master_trainer_mike says, “We recognize that the older players still want competitive opportunities and we are offering you more than ever.”

master_trainer_mike says, “However, for Pokemon to survive we also need your knowledge, maturity, and help.”

master_trainer_mike says, “There simply are not enough of us here at Wizards to run every league location, local tournament, and main events throughout the world.”

master_trainer_mike says, “Pokemon is not the fad it once was, now it is coming down to the core

Wizards seems like they think Pokemon shouldn’t be competitive, and that’s fine. But online, we DO think it’s competitive. The big shame about this is that we won’t get to meet each other as much anymore. THAT stinks.

Yes people, I’m calling for a boycott of Wizards items. I believe that they have completely abused the 15+, and hurt the game. They claim to give the 15+ new boundaries as judges. But think about it, which would you rather do? You want to win a trip to judge an event, or to play in it? We’re players, not Judges. If you have a chance to go to the Major Leagues, are you going to play or umpire?

That settles it… and guys, we can have Wizards repeal this. It’s still early, but we did it once, and we’re going to do it again.

~ RaNd0m is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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