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Tuesday, May 22, 2001

     We have a couple of good articles up for you today, so let's have a look!

Monday, May 21, 2001 (Evening Edition)

     Just wanted to show you the prerelease card...have a look!  For those wondering, the language is Hindi.  The card is Fungal Shambler.  Check out the spoiler for what is and everything else do! The spoilers, for everyone's reference, are here:

We need Apocalypse strategy articles!  Please send them to MagicWebmaster@pojo.com.  We'd love to post it!

Monday, May 21, 2001

     No talk today, just action.


Sunday, May 20, 2001

     We here at Pojo don't take weekends off.  If you're a Magic player 7 days a week, then we're here for you seven days a week.  Here's what's on tap for today!

  • DeQuan gives us another Report from the latest Type 2 Cash Tournament down at Game Closet.
  • Along with that, DeQuan gives us a bonus Dragon's Den where he discusses one of the interesting decks from his cash tournament, The Godfather.
  • Rama Llama Comics sent in the decklists from their latest Type 2 Tournament as well.

Saturday, May 19, 2001

     You know, we look at yesterday's announcement and laugh - hard.  Yesterday, you made 1,600 hits look like nothing, well over doubling it at just over 3,500 hits.  We are speechless, humbled, and very grateful.  We want to hear what you have to think about this site.  What you do and don't like.  Write us at MagicWebmaster@pojo.com and give us your opinions - they are very helpful.

     Well, you'll find weekends are quite slow for us, as is the rest of the community.  Everyone is off playing tournaments and everything else, so we try to limit the weekend content some as to not overload you.  That doesn't mean we stop, though:

  • The Pojo tradition, Random Beatings is here on Saturday.  Spike has reviewed Apocalypse, and is giving us his thoughts on the new set.  As always, an entertaining read.
  • The Tournament Reports page got a facelift.  We've divided the reports up by using Mana symbols, making it easier to find the decks you're looking for.
  • Our MTG Card Price Guide has been updated to include four sets now:  Alpha, Beta, Unlimited and Revised.  We're be adding more sets next week.

     Quick plug - Shuffle & Cut Games  will be out and Frank and Son today from 10am until 5pm  Click on the link for more details if you're in Southern California.

Friday, May 18, 2001

      I want to take a minute out to thank everyone for their patronage of the site.  Yesterday was our site's biggest day yet with almost 1,600 hits, and it looks like it's just upward from here.  It's taken us a lot of hard work to get to this point and get all of you here, and I'll be damned if I am going to disappoint you now that I have your attention.

  • DeQuan talks about Hype and Performance in today's Dragon's Den.  He talks about the past hype on cards as they are released, and then later fizzles out, and discusses a little how this impacts the new Apocalypse.
  • Matthew Hudson is here with his latest T2 Report from the U.K.  This month, he tried out a G/W Jank deck.  Read over it.
  • With my continued commitment to Apocalypse Single Card Strategies, I put pen to paper (figuratively, of course) and came up with an article called The Desolation of Apocalypse, centering around two of the rares from the set: Desolation Angel and Desolation Giant.  Another off-the-wall idea from a guy who is most known for having off-the-wall ideas.  As a side note, the deck listed is also in an apprentice format in the article for those wanting to playtest it.

     Enjoy today's offering and I look forward to dishing up something new for you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 17, 2001

      Well, I'm very happy to see our reader base is expanding.  How do I know?  Well, I sleep in late today and I get several "nice" e-mails telling me I need to update.  Well, I'm here now, so let the updates begin!

  • Tim is here with Part 2 of his Adrian Sullivan interview today in Techsas
  • Pojo has once again added a new Feature Writer!  Fletcher Peatross, a veteran in the Magic writing world is now on Pojo with his section, Rumblings From The Ass.  Today Fletcher opens up with An Introduction.
  • We also have three new Apocalypse strategy articles!

     Hope everyone has their fill of tech for now.  I'll be trying to see what else I can dig up for everyone.  Later!

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

     The Apocalypse is in the air.  Ahhhhh...can ya smell the cinder?  Okay, me neither, but there are a few people who can.  Let's see what the new set has already spawned for articles.

  • Jon and The Helpdesk are here.  Today, Jon has some Thoughts About Apocalypse.  He mentions some cards in the set and their potential usefulness in the new environment.
  • Even Webmasters have to write from time to time.  I am looking at starting my own daily, or bi-daily section (but I'm not making that official yet since, well, not sure I have the time).  Today though, I, Scott Gerhardt, look at a couple cards in Apocalypse: Phyrexian Arena & Death Grasp and give my thoughts about them in a new deck.
  • John Hornberg takes some time to talk about Symbiotic Deployment and wonders if might have found the new Extended Combo with it.
  • Finally, Phil Shoemaker gives a once-over to the Black/White cards in Apocalypse and the quality contained by them.

     Quick plug - Shuffle & Cut Games  will be out and Frank and Son today from 3pm until 9:30pm  Click on the link for more details if you're in Southern California.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001 (Evening Edition)

     So everyone knows, click on the Magazine picture to the left for a listing of where to find Pojo's Magic:The Gathering magazine.  The reviews have been hot thus far, so go find out what everyone is talking about.

     I told you I had a lot.  I just had to get away from the computer for a bit.  Getting back to the action, let's see what else we have:

     Enjoy everything.  I'll have more for you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 15, 2001 (Afternoon Edition)

     Well, immediately answering my call for Apocalypse Single Card Strategies, Feature Writer DeQuan Watson has stepped up to the plate and given us one about AEther Mutation.  As a note, DeQuan's article is exactly what I would love to see all the Single Card Strategies like, so please feel free to use his as an example.

     I also forgot to give a link to the Apocalypse Apprentice Patch provided by e-league for all you to try it out!

     Going through my inbox I've noticed I've missed several reader submissions.  I am trying to fix that now and get back on track.  Here is what I've been able to dig up:

     More to come later.  Still plenty to clean out!

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

     Well, everyone and their dog are all talking about Apocalypse at this point.  We have the Apocalypse spoiler posted in three formats on our site for you now:

     I am looking for Strategies for Apocalypse.  I am going to start a section as soon as I get some.  So, if you have a Single Card Strategy, a deck  card(s) go into, or anything like that, please submit it to MagicWebmaster@pojo.com.  This is your chance to scoop everyone else and be the first to come up with "the deck" or "the combo" for Apocalypse and let everyone else know about it.

     In Features, Nev got in his Monday Rant.  Today he expounds a little more on what he touched on last article.  He discusses a little More On Burning Bridges.

The Beta Set was added to our Price Guide today.


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