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Forsaken City
by Arnold Pun

Forsaken City vs. City of Brass

Which is better? City of Brass or Forsaken City? You might have an idea of which is better already, and if so you may not want to read on, but if you don’t then continue reading. Both lands have different uses and so their advantages come from different places. First, let’s analyse Forsaken City.

            Forsaken City has the ability to produce any type of mana, similar to the ability of City of Brass apart from one thing. It exchanges the one point of damage for a card in your hand. This is an extremely useful ability for Stasis decks for it helps pay for Stasis upkeep cost without having to worry about drawing an island. Also, sometimes don’t you just wish that you had that extra one or two points of life? Always hate it when Rishidian Port taps your City of Brass, in the job, also dealing you that one point of damage. This is where Forsaken City comes in to fill that gap. Now let’s look at City of Brass.

            City of Brass is a must, for a multicolour deck. Having been one of the staple cards through history, City of Brass has proved itself to be one of the best multicolour lands ever apart from dual lands. But City of Brass has it’s problems. For a start when your opponent slaps down a Rishidian Port, it’s time to dread. The reason is obvious. There aren’t many lands that are better than City of Brass in standard and so prepare to get pinged.

            So the question is. What is better? To trade mana for a card or for a life? This all depends on what deck that is being played. In a deck for example Stasis, Forsaken City is absolutely perfect. For Stasis, also utilises cards like Howling Mine, which work in syncopation with Forsaken City. Actually, any deck where you expect to draw a lot of useless cards to look for a combo for example will enjoy the extra life for this is normally very important. But in all the other deck types, City of Brass will be the better side. The reason is because a card is worth far more than just one life. If not. Why would people use Yamgmoth Bargain or Necro? So if you are thinking whether or not to trade one for the other, look at your deck and follow the advice given here, because it defiantly should help.


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