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Symbiotic Deployment
by John Hornberg

Necropotence - Banned.  Yawgmoth's Bargain - Banned.  You thought Wizards of
the Coast would learn from their mistakes and NOT make any version of it
again, but look, they did (those idiots!):

Symbiotic Deployment - 2G
Enchantment - Rare
Skip your draw step.
1, tap two creatures you control:  Draw a card.

The key here is to ask the Wizards creators WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU

They keep remaking Necropotence, and in a sence, this is the worst of the
bunch.  It does, on the main part, have a huge impact with one and only one
card in Extended - Donate.

Yes, stick them without cards, then YOU get the card advantage, and beat
them down with big tramplers and flyers.

More or less, this card will have little to no impact on the Type II format,
especially without a great way of untapping creatures outside of Breaking
Wave and Seeker of Skybreak (Jandor's Saddlebags doesn't count).  Even then,
Seeker of Skybreak only goes so far since you can only have four in a deck,
and Breaking Wave's price is enough to make anyone cringe at the idea,
especially compared to the cost of Seeker of  Skybreak.

This card's uses only go as far as Donate will take it.

Type II might find uses for it in decks using numerous elves, and decks
built to make billions of Saprolings.  Saprolings in particular could help
to make a Son-of-Necro deck, changing the color to green instead of the
customary black.

Saproling decks are iffy, and without the advent of a cheap saproling card,
you can easily be stopped if you don't play it right.

Drawbacks to this card are extremely simple ,and they are that for any deck
imploying a combo.  Counterspells.  Counters are the single biggest threat
to this card and the livelihood of a Donate - Deployment deck ever working.
Countering the Donate leaves you with a card you are can't use.

Along with this, white Disenchants it, Fires Hull Breech's it, and Black
will almost definitly be with white now, and of course will destroy it (with
the help of white).

Here, for those of you who don't see how this deck would be built, at least
in the extended format, here is how it'll look for me:

Creatures (16)
4 Gaea's Skyfolk - APOCALYPSE (2/2 flyer for a GU)
4 Llanowar Elves - Seventh Edition
4 Urborg Elves - APOCALYPSE (Taps for a G, B, or U for 1G)
3 Seeker of Skybreak - Tempest or Seventh Edition
1 Spirit Monger - APOCALYPSE (See the JPEG on the Website)

Spells (20)
4 Symbiotic Deployment - APOCALYPSE (Crappy but workable replacement for
3 Enlightened Tutor OR 3 Sterling Grove -Sixth Edition/Invasion
4 Donate - Urza's Destiny
4 Rancor OR 4 Sinister Strength - Urza's Legacy/Planeshift
4 Brainstorm OR 4 Fact or Fiction- Mercadian Masques/Invasion
1 Illusions of Grandeur - Ice Age (Gotta spice things up a little!)

Artifacts (2)
2 Coat of Arms - Exodus or Seventh Edition

Land (22)
3 Elfhame Palace OR 3 Brushlands - Invasion/Seventh Edition
4 Yavamaya Coast - APOCALYPSE (Taps for a blue or Green)
1 Swamp
6 Island
8 Forest

Now, this deck is utterly extended, Donate has no chance of ever coming back
in type II (I can't verify that, so don't whine to me!), but this deck could
be a viable replacement for the original Trix, especially with
Necropotence's banning in Extended format.

Keep in mind with the options I gave you:
1)  Enlightened Tutor is an instant, and Sterling Grove is only good when
you only have one, and I think if you have two, you can't Donate the
deployment (I think, I don't have it infront of me!)
2)  Sinsiter strength makes for a bigger creature, but Rancor Tramples. 
Keep in mind Coat of Arms.
3)  Brainstorm comes out on the first turn and you'll always get the three
cards, but Fact or Fiction comes out later, and has a more immediate impact,
at the cost of something you might need.
4) Loss of a turn, or one damage between Elfheame Palace and Brushlands.

Justy remember to keep your options open, and have fun playing!

Signing Out, John Hornberg, the Doofy Deck Builder

I can be reached at, and one warning, no
badmouthing, and I'll respond to everything, no matter what it says!

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