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Old School Fires
by Hamster John

"Old School" Fires
Friday Night Magic
4/20/01(oh yeah, 4:20!)
Type 1.5
 The Game Keeper
Tysons Corner Center
Tysons Corner, VA
Participants: Around 20 (full)

    Well, it's my first tournament report for MTG despite being a five-year
veteran.  The 1.5 environment was perfect for me to use my more older cards
since Type 2 continually requires constant renewing. Also here is where Red's
firepower REALLY shines.  The majority of decks were G/R, with a few control
decks (B/U and/or B/W).  Well, here's the deck and the report.

"Old School" Fires

11 Forest
8 Mountain
2 Karplusan Forest
1 City of Brass
1 Mishra's Factory
1 Treetop Village
1 Ghitu Encampment

4 Llanowar Elves
2 Birds of Paradise
3 Blastoderm
2 Erhnam Djinn
1 Nettletooth Djinn
1 Jade Leech
1 Ancient Silverback
1 Avatar of Might
2 Kird Ape
1 Dragon Whelp
1 Two-Headed Dragon

4 Lightning Bolt
2 Kaervek's Torch
2 Disintegrate
1 Earthquake

2 Fires of Yavimaya (Fires shortage here)
2 Fervor (no better substitue for Fires)
2 Chimeric Idol
1 Sylvan Library

4 Kavu Chameleon
2 Flashfires
2 Boil
2 Anaconda
1 Obliterate
1 Feldon's Cane
1 Hull Breach

Game 1: vs. Joel with G/R ( hot cards:Ghitu Fire,Blastoderm,Planeswalker's
    Bout 1:  This was a CLOSE match.  My early Sylvan Library was eventually
destroyed by a hull breach.  My dragon whelp took it to the skies and dealt 5
a turn.  I had to double bolt his Giant Strengthed silverglade elemental. 
Then his Planeswalker's Fury steps in and saves him.  The only card I had was
the Avatar of might, and i was taking 8 a turn.  I eventually threw my
kamikaze Whelp at him for 7, but I was 2 short and I lose.

    Bout 2:  I DEFINITELY sideboarded in my hull breaches, but unfortunately
they were simply taking up space in my hand.  My quick Erhnam onslaught(both)
were hittin' hard.  Then he gets out a Deranged Hermit.  I then simply casted
a timely Earthquake for 2, wiping an Elf (mine) and all of his Squirrels and
hermit, leaving him defenseless. The matches resolves: I win.

    Bout 3:  I didn't remember much of this match, except that I won.  I did
hammer him w/an Idol, and I think a Blastoderm as well.

Game 2: Jeff w/Black discard(hot cards:No Mercy,Rackling,the Rack,Stupor,Hymn
to Tourach)

    Bout 1:  I was hit hard early w/2 hymns.  But I quickly got my game
working and torched him for quite a few points.  I continued to follow up
w/Kird ape and Erhnam.  Then he brings out the Rack and I was taking 3 each
upkeep.  Then he gets out No Mercy with like, 5 life left, but the damage had
been done and I barely pick up the victory with like, 5 life myself.

    Bout 2:  This was a slaughter.  His constant discard spells made me
handless early on, not to mention a VERY early no mercy.   My treetop village
and ghitu encampment weren't effective, neither was my boarded anaconda.
He drops out a Rackling, and 2 RACKS, and that screwed me.  I don't need to
say anymore. 

    Bout 3:  It's going down to the wire now.  There was NO no
mercy!(confused?) Nevertheless, I still had to discard a bit, but my mishra's
factory hammered along w/my treetop village.  Some hypnotic specters came in
as blockers but couldn't hold for long.  I sliced the cake and took it all.

Game 3: Derek w/Fires ( hot cards:Balduvian Horde,Blastoderm,Fires, Llanowar

    Bout 1:  Just to let you know, this was a mismatch: I was raped
(figuratively, of course).  My chimeric Idol got a few hits in but then he
finally gets 4 mana and drops the bomb.  His hordes,Blastoderms , and etc.
came in and slayed me.

    Bout 2:   The same thing practically happened. My kaervek's torch helped
to put the hurt in but I couldn't grab a decent creature.  Once again I was

Game 4: Ryan with G/R ( hot cards: Kird Ape,Shivan Dragon, Crimson Hellkite)

    Bout 1:  My dear friend Ryan and I knew it was inevitable.  We knew we
had to face each other sometime.  Unfortunately I was the one who broke his
near-perfect record. We both previously lost once each, so whomever wins this
is tied at third place along w/some other lucky souls.  I actually expected
more of a fight from Ryan, but he got BAD draws.  He didn't get anything
decent and I plowed through him for both wins.  My Idols were too much for
his Kirds and were eventually eviscerated themselves.

My record: 3-1
Rank: 3rd(tied w/others, hey! it's only open for mall hours!)

First place: Sligh (Jackal Pup)
Second place: Fires (Derek's) g/j, Derek
Third place: quite a few (includes yours truly)

The winnter received $25 cold hard cash.
The runner-up received a number of boosters ( i don't know how many)
I received 2 boosters of my choosing(well, at least i got a Lin sivvi and
Rootwater Thief!! )  : )

Props and Slops
Props to all the winners(especially 1st and 2nd place)
Props to Lee and Ryan ( wished you guys did better)
Props to Derek for kicking my ass in a blink of an eye.
Slops to Joel for his hostile attitude.

    Well, that's it.  All in all, it was a nice match.  The store filled up
and I we were fortunate to make it through the waiting list to play. 


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