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Legacy Weapon
by John Hornberg

Upon looking through the spoiler once again, I've noticed the Legendary
Artifact Legacy Weapon.  An all out cheap card, it shares many uses in such
decks as Coalition Victory Decks, Domain Decks, and the ever present Hippo

Here, see for yourself:

Legacy Weapon - 7
Legendary Artifact - Rare
WGRBU:  Remove target permanent from the game.
If Legacy Weapon would be put into the graveyard from anywhere, return it to
your hand.

This card is just wrong, and WILL see use in many decks with Pulse of
Llanowar.  This card will give that card, a relatively underlplayed invasion
uncommon, a new purpose, especially since it has no stipulation on where you
get the mana.

It holds much potential as a "Clear the Board" type card.  It's other
ability makes the card almostg indestructable, and destroying it only makes
it come back, and the same turn too.  It gives black decks problems, and
black mages headaches.

This card will find its way into extended in one form or another, but due to
the lack of rainbow cards in Masques and Urza's Block, it will be hard to
fit in to the already exsisting strategies.

I'm not saying that a type II deck based with this won't work in extended,
I'm just saying how hard it will be to fit into astrategy such as Sligh,
White Shadow, Tinker, and Saproling, decks that are absolutely better off
without it.

This fits into the already exsisting rainbow decks very well.  For example,
Hippo decks need another way of clearing the board, especially since
Collective Restraint only goes as far as to create a lot more blockers. 
Legacy Weapon will go as far as to take them out, and make it so that you
don't need to put the Pheddlagriff into the air or stick an Armadillo Cloak,
even though their is nothing wrong with that.

A key drawback is cost to play, and to play it's ability.  Pulse of Llanowar
makes the colors nothing, but for those of us who don't use Pulse, its cost
can be a problem, and especially with Fires, where Blastoderm can easily get
around Legacy Weapon's abilities.

Then, their are the usuals: Counters keep you playing it over and over and
over again, as well as disenchants and other artifact removal cards.

But those have only limited effects.

Now, since their are so many ways to built a deck using it, I'll leave it up
to you to figure it out.  The Domain deck motto is, "Whatever meets your

Just remember a few things:
1)  Coalition Victory doesn't always work.
2)  Collective Restraint is a must in any deck using five colors.
3)  Cards Such as Radiant Kavu and Qusting Pheddlagriff are really good
because they cover three colors for a converted mana cost of 3 or 4.
4)  Tsabo's Assassin and Tidal Visionary belond somewhere near your deck
(Sideboard or Main deck) .....  This is absolutely necessary in Invasion
blcok drafting, never EVER pass a Tsabo's assassin!

Legacy Weapon's potential is unlimited, but a groundbreaker is pushing the
idea a little to far.

Keep that in mind when everyone starts to the Pulse-Legacy Weapon Combo.

Signing Out, John Hornberg, the Doofy Deck Builder

PS - Sorry for the undeniable short length of this article, I was well,
swamped with School work.  It gets hard, despite the fact.  Keep in mind my
E-mail, and my stipluation that I respond to
evertyhing I get.

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