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The Samurai Kid

- From Episode #4.  He was decked in traditional “samurai” dress and challenged Ash to a battle.  Using his Pinsir, he threatened to crush Metapod until Metapod used Harden.  Samurai recalled Pinsir and released his own Metapod.  The two had a Harden competition that seemed to last many hours.  Eventually a Beedrill swarm interrupted them and chased them away.  Ash dropped his Metapod on the run and the Samurai admonished him for “being a novice.”  Driven by the kid’s rather harsh reprimand, Ash snuck off and finally recovered his Metapod/Butterfree.  At show’s end, the Samurai kid congratulated Ash for his fine work and left.  I think this character is important because he dominated an episode plus the little-mentioned “three trainers from Pallet Town” are referred to! - Eric Stimson


Samurai is a Pokemon trainer who lives in Viridian Forest. He once battled Ash with a two-on-two Pokemon battle. He used Pinsir and Metapod. Ash used Pidgeotto and Metapod. The battle ended when a swarm of Beedrill came and chased them off and took Ash’s Metapod as well. In the end, Metapod evolved into Butterfree and Samurai said that Ash was an excellent trainer and that he hoped that they would meet again some day. Who knows? Maybe they will! - Petey  


Samurai Kid. This guy is a bit swordhappy, though he doesn’t actually use it. He has only won ONE out of FOUR battles, though he is very cocky and is a bit mean to Ash. He blames him for loosing a Weedle and that Weedle telling some Beedrill to attack them. But, he had a sword to Ash when that happened. At the end though he ends up becoming a friend of Ash. - By BaRtMaN 

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