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Name: Mariah
Pokemon owned: 8 Hoppip and an Oddish
Occupation: Weather Forecaster
Episode: "Foul Weather Friends"
Ash and the gang on their travels towards Azalea Town, meet Mariah, a Hoppip trainer which uses her Hoppip to predict the weather. Team Rocket hear about the fact that they can fly and devise a plan to capture the Hoppips'. Mariah's other Pokemon owned is an Oddish which thinks it's a Hoppip and can fly. Soon enough, Team Rocket show up and begin fanning the Hoppip away so that they can go recapture them themselves. They manage to escape back to the house where the Hoppip tell Mariah that a twister is on the way by the way that they stand in little groups. They all hide under the desk but the roof is torn off and Oddish and the Hoppip are blown away. When the twister is over, they find Oddish which helps the gang find the Hoppips'. Four of them are blown into Team Rocket's balloon and so a battle is taken place to retrieve the Hoppip to their rightful owner. Oddish battles Team Rocket and it turns out that Oddish may not be able to fly like a Hoppip but it can sure kick in a battle as it shows in the bat


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