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Jessie - of Team Rocket

Jessie is a loyal female member of Team Rocket.   Accompanied by her partners James and Meowth, her one goal is to capture  Pikachu and defeat her rival Cassidy.  Before she joined Team Rocket, Jessie's ambition was to become a Pokémon Nurse. 

However, after she realized that she was never cut out to be one, Jessie left and joined the bike gang in Sunny Town. There, she met James.  They both attended Pokémon Tech together where they eventually flunked out.  Jessie's rocky past has led her down the dark path of joining the greatest criminal  organization in the Pokémon World, but deep inside that rough exterior still lies the  heart of a kind and caring woman. 

First Seen: Pokémon Emergency 
Evolves In: Dig Those Diglett 

Caught: Princess Versus Princess 

Caught & Released: The Evolution Solution 

- Zeo 


Jessie is the female half of the 'nefarious' Team Rocket. Out of the three, she seems the most driven (although 'driven' might not be the right word), and often masterminds their plans to get Pikachu or other rare Pokemon they come across.

     Jessie and James have a strange relationship. When in disguise, Jessie often dresses as the 'man', whereas James is usually a 'woman'. However, this doesn't make Jessie a man any more than it makes James a woman. It's just their relationship showing itself in their clothes. Jessie is very dominating, like a man, and James is usually very submissive, showing his female characteristics.

     Although Jessie and James are always arguing, she really does care about him. Their arguments are usually a result of a failed capture. For example, in 'The Ghost at Maiden's Peak', she rescued James from Gastly, using the excuse she didn't like the girl ghost it manifested. And in 'Holy Matrimony', once she found out how JessieBell treated James, she was in there like a shot.

    This is another aspect of her nature - she seems to hate women. Anyone who is more beautiful or talented, or thinks they are more beautiful or talented, is a bad person in her books. She also hates Misty, because so many people think she's cute - and also because Misty is constantly insulting Jessie's looks.

     Like James, she is very conceited, and so hates people commenting about her looks. Several people have earned a whack for commenting on her when she's in a rage - and Jessie in a rage is something to be scared of. It doesn't happen often, but when it does . . .

     As child, we know that Jessie was very poor. In 'Snow Way Out', she tells us (and James and Meowth) that in winter, her favorite food was 'snow food' - food made, literally, out of snow. Jessie seemed to handle this quite well - she was quite happy to eat snow. In 'Princess vs. Princess', we learn that she never had enough money to buy Princess dolls.

     At some point in her childhood (we don't exactly know when), Jessie left home to enter the world of Pokemon, entering Pokemon Tech, where she met James and together they got the lowest scores in the school's history!! According to Gisele in 'The School of Hard Knocks', they've gone down in the school's history as well - everyone knows about their failure.

     Soon after this (or perhaps just before), Jessie and James moved to Sunny Town together, where they joined the Bridge Bike Gang (this little gem is revealed to us in 'The Bridge Bike Gang'. They went down in history there as well, although in a slightly better light. When they return in 'The Bridge Bike Gang' they are revealed as quite pathetic, and the gang replace their status with Ash, Misty and Brock - another reason for Jessie to hate the trio.

     Jessie has two Pokemon. Her Ekans was a present when she was younger, and she keeps this Pokemon with her right up until 'Dig Those Diglett', when, driven by her desire, it evolves into Arbok and stays with her. In 'Princess vs. Princess' she catches a Lickitung, which come in useful in some episodes, but recently she accidentally traded that for a Wobbuffet, which annoys her tremendously (much like Misty and Psyduck).

Well, that's all folks!!! - Madi


I have some info on Jessie of Team Rocket's past. Her mom, Miyamato, was in Team Rocket. On a mission to the Andes Mt's to try and capture Mew she was said to have gotten killed by an Avalanche. Jessie was only 4-6 when she died. Ever wonder why she joined TR or loves snow so much? - Jessie



Jessie is a little older than 17. She has very long red hair, (that got cut once or twice.) That makes her look unmistakable. She was a poor child and sometimes had to have a ‘snowgisboard’ when it’s winter. (She says it’s low in fat and improves her feminine figure.) Later, she joins Poke’mon Tech and meets James. Together, they get the lowest scores in the history of the school. Later, they join the Bridge Bike Gang in Sunny town. Soon, they join Team Rocket and meet Meowth.

She makes her first appearance with the Team in the second show. She’s
practically the leader. She constantly slapping James and I know they have
feeling for each other.  She has only two Poke’mon. Ekans, she got for her
17th birthday, evolved later on. She catches a Lickitung, that accidentally
gets traded for a Wobbuffet that is always making her mad. (Reminds me of
Psyduck) She’s always trying to steal Ash’s Pikachu without sucess and trying
to beat her rival, Cassidy. (Who keeps appearing once a season with Butch.)
I think Jessie is very pretty. (Mostly because I like her better than Misty. It’s hard to believe that Rachel Lillis does the voice for both of them.) Ilike Jessie’s style.

Ash’s #1 fan - Jackie B. (JB72986@aol.com)

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