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Gary Oak

Gary Oak, while not the main character, could still be considered a main
character. He leaves on his Pokémon journey on the same day as famed Ash Ketchum, although a bit before him, since Ash managed to oversleep. He shares the same goal as Ash does—to become the world’s leading Pokémon Master. And, judging by the huge crowd of onlookers, and the group of beautiful cheerleaders that follow him around, it seems as if he has a good chance of succeeding!

He is the grandson of Professor Oak, the world’s leading authority on all things having to do with Pokémon. And as such, you can tell he has spent a lot of his own life studying Pokémon, and he displays this in the “Dig Those Diglett!” episode, as he slips into his own personal Pokédex mode.

Always being ahead of Ash, Gary has collected ten Kanto badges before Ash
earns his eighth. He also has over two-hundred Pokémon including Nidoking,
Nidoqueen, Arcanine, Dodou, and Eevee—which later evolves into an Umbreon.
Gary’s Umbreon is the first seen in the series, to my knowledge, since Ash
seems to have never seen one.

In the beginning of the series, Gary seems to be very arrogant. He disses Ash
at every meeting, and even writes “Gary was here, Ash is a loser!” on a road
sign. We see him every so often, and once in a while, Gary even tries to help
Ash out. One instance of this, is when Gary saved Ash’s life inside Viridian
City Gym, when Meowth was about to blow up the podium he was standing on.

Over time, Gary seems to calm down a bit. He even congratulates Ash after
their first battle, telling him he and Pikachu did a great job, even though
he and Eevee defeated them. Also, the cheerleaders have disappeared. Gary
makes a few more appearances, but they are all spread out, and most only last
for a few seconds. But, with the number of times he’s mentioned, Gary still
makes a very big impact on the show.

~Adam Martin


I do know that Gary’s pokemon are:
eevee/ umbreon

everyone always forgets the krabby, but it’s seen in the episode with bill at the light house, when ash calls professor oak to see how his krabby is doing, prof. Oak tells him that he has a puny krabby, then he shows him the krabby that Gary caught which is like twice the size of ash’s. He also seems to be a more responsible trainer ever since the johto journeys, and he must be if eevee was happy enough to evolve to umbreon for him. Thas all i know on Gary, other than what was already mentioned.     --ashlee—


Gary Oak
The son of Professor Oak, Gary is Ash's main rival on his Pokemon journey. A
definate lady's man, Gary has much stronger Pokemon, but sometimes the strength should come from within. Gary always seems one step ahead of Ash, yet was beaten by his rival in the Indigo League championship. Gary's Pokemon are more of a mystery and just some of his many Pokemon are:

- Bulbasaur / Charmander / Squirtle (Gary took one of the Pallet Town
- Krabby
- Nidoking
- Arcanine
- Eevee > Umbreon

- BGriff2Wim


Thanks to Ax Wolf & TazD857639 for images!


Gary Oak is Professor Oak’s grandson. It seems like Professor Oak always suck-up to Gary. Gary has been on about 10 or 12 episodes. He acts like he’s the coolest guy around whenever he appears in the anime. Gary also has a bunch of women, cheering for her, that he is proud to call “his fans”. Gary should be about 15 or 16 by his looks, but many Internet sites say that he’s 12 or 13. Gary Oak already had 10 badges, while Ash got his 8th. Gary’s Pokemon are:

Umbreon, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Krabby, and  Doduo - Sumspu


As he is not the main character, he is just about as important as Ash in the TV show. Gary is somewhat of a jerk. He has 3 Pokemon that I know of.  Arcanine and Nidoking were revealed in Giovanni’s rout of Gary (don’t mind my sports talk), and Eevee was seen in the first episode of the Johto league.  For the first 3 seasons, he had these dumb cheerleaders. In the Johto league, the cheerleaders dumped him and took off. He keeps calling Ash names. - Elgraine


8.17.01  Gary Oak is Professor Oak's grandson and Ash's rival(duh). Gary always brags about how he's better than Ash and in their one battle they had, Gary won. I
think that later on in his carrer, he'll become the Viridian City gym leader.

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