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Erika uses Grass Type Pokemon in her gym. She started training Grass Pokemon when she was a little girl and got scared by a Grimer. A Gloom came by and saved her.  Her favorite Pokemon to use in the gym are Tangela, Weepinbell and Gloom. Her gym is a big greenhouse. If you defeat her, you’ll earn the Rainbow Badge. - Petey


Erika is the leader of the Celadon City gym her first Pokemon, Gloom, was
cuaght when she was a little girl while she was being attacked by a Grimer
but now she has a Tangel,Weepinbell and Gloom  but when her gym catches on
fire she forgets her Gloom in the gym, but then Ash saves the day by going
into the burning gym and getting the Gloom out safely, after that Erika gives
Ash the Rainbow Badge.-NIDOKINGS RAGE 2000




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