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Duplica lives in the house of imatae(?)and has a ditto.Other people wrote about the first episode with Duplica in it,but noone wrote about her second episode debute.She starred in another episode, though.In the next episode she gets another ditto.This one has a problem too.It can transform perfectly, except it still stays the size of a ditto.Team Rocket hatches a plan to catch the ditto (nicknamed minni ditt)and to make it transform into arbok,then trade it for a really rare pokemon, steal minni ditt back,transform into the rare pokemon they traded for, trade it again,and steal it back again,do that a bunch of times,then let minni ditt go back to Duplica (yeah right), and give all the pokemon to The Boss, Giovanni.Ash,Duplica,and friends catch them as soon as they try to trade minni ditt, though.Pikachu starts to battle,but Duplica says it's her battle and her ditto, and she should battle,too.So she uses ditto and gets it to transform into wobbuffet,and it battles wobbuffet,it wins,pikachu uses an electric move(don't remember which one)and Team Rocket blasts off(always fun to watch)and everybody's happy.

Richard M. Korenz


Duplica: Appears in Ditto’s Fun House. She keeps close friends with a Ditto
who can change its shape but not the bland Ditto facial features. When the gang stumble across Duplica’s house while hiding from the rain, the meet the young girl and they become friends. Duplica wants to have worldwide magic show for her and her Ditto but she cannot because of her Ditto’s irregular
transform disorder. This is sorted when Team Rocket attack and try to capture Ditto, but Ditto SUCCESSFULLY transforms into a Meowth and confuses Jessie
and James. Now Duplica and her Ditto are going to fulfill their dream.

Karl Niklas (Pokemon Master).


Duplica and her Ditto are good at one thing: Imitating people. They imitate anything and everything. But Ditto wasn’t always perfect. When it used to Transform, it couldn’t mimic the eyes. Team Rocket then took Ditto and taught it how to imitate eyes. Now it can do a perfect impression of any Pokemon!



Duplica lives in the House of Imitae, a theater where she and her Ditto perform imitations of Pokemon. Duplica loved putting on shows, but people didn’t like her Ditto because it couldn’t imitate the faces. Surprisingly, Team Rocket Ditto-napped the Ditto. They were useful for something (*ahhh the ultimate horror*) because they got the Ditto to impersonate the faces of whatever the Ditto copied. Duplica and the gang spoofed Team Rocket’s motto, and needless to say, they blasted off again. It is rumored that Duplica will make another cameo in the Japanese Johto episode “I Want To Be a Ditto Master”. Well, that’s it’s Japanese name, directly translated.

thanx, animegurl_01


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