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Drake is the leader of the Orange Crew in the Orange League. If you defeat him, you do not win a badge, but you win a trophy. There is no contest here, just a full 6 against 6 battle. The odds are that the Pokemon heíll use are Ditto, Onix, Gengar, Venusaur, Electabuzz and Dragonite. Ash defeated the undefeated Drake with Pikachu, Squirtle, Tauros, Lapras, Bulbasaur and Charizard. Be careful for his Dragonite. Thatís the reason why heís undefeated. The trophy heíll give you looks like a Pokeball with feathers on it. Good Luck!



Drake is the Orange Island Leader, and I think is also Lance from the video game. Drake was undefeated, that is until Ash Ketchum, expert Pokemon Trainer, defeated him.
In an Orange Island episode, someone says that you have to compete in a competiton to fight Drake, but this does not happen, but it does happen in the Manga ("Manga" is like a comic, only for Anime! :) ).
Drake's Pokemon are (well, the ones he battled with with Ash, but he could have more):


All of his Pokemon are extremely strong, almost as strong as Ash's. Near the end of Ash and Drake's battle, Ash sends out Pikachu, and Drake sends out...*Insert dramatic music* DRAGONITE! (AAAAHHH!!!!)
Pikachu and Dragonite have a feirce battle. But, Pikachu jumps on top of Dragonite's head, and gives him a Thundershock, or, as I like to call it, a big ole can of whoop!
And, finally, once you defeat Drake (that is, IF you defeat Drake), he'll give you a trophey (no, not a badge,a TROPHEY), that looks like a golden Pokeball.



Drake is the undefeated leader of the Orange Crew.  When Ash finally faces
him, they both are able to use six pokemon.  Drake can't change pokemon but
Ash can change as much as he likes.  When ever three of either's pokemon are
defeated, there is a field change.  The first field was a rock and water
field.  Drake started out with a Ditto.  Ash used Pikachu.  Ditto was tough
but in the end, it just wasn't an electric pokemon and Pikachu over powered
it.  Drake next used Onix.  Ash went with Squirtle.  Easy win right?  If
Squirtle hadn't know Hydro Pump then Onix would have won.  Gangar came out
next.  Ash used Tauros first but Gangar confused it.  Ash then went with
Lapris.  When Gangar used Night Shade and Lapris used Ice Beam, the attacks
exploded on both of them and they both got knocked out.  Field change.  It is
now a desert like field.  Drake went out with Venusaur.  Ash chose Tauros. 
Tauros was able to beat Venusaur when it was charging up for Solar Beam. 
Drake next choose Electabuzz and Ash choose Bulbasaur.  Electabuzz short
circuted the bulb.  Charizard was up next.  Electabuzz was winning at first
but Charizard beat it in the end.  Finally Drake choose Dragonite.  Charizard
gave its all and ended up using Dragonrage.  Dragonite did the same they both
took major damage.  Charizard lost though.  Ash choose Squirtle.  He tried to
use Hydro Pump but got shocked by Dragonite.  He then used bubble but got
tailed whipped by Dragonite.  Ash used Tauros next.  Dragonite slamed it but
got stuck on Tauros' horns.  Tauros sent it sailing.  After Dragonite beat
Tauros it was up against Pikachu.  Dragonite used Hyperbeam but Pikachu used
its tail to spring away.  It gave Dragonite the final jolt and Dragonite was

- Zodiac


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