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Dario appeared in the episode when Ash rides Ponyta at the Big P Pokémon Ranch (it’s probably the episode before “The Legend of Dratini” because Ash and his friends mistake the Ranch for part of The Safari Zone).

Dario looks after a herd of Dodrios and is 100% sure that he will win the Ranch Race with his prize Pokémon.

To be 200% percent sure however, he enlists the help of Jessie, James and Meowth to do his dirty work in return for part of the prize money.

They manage to scare Ponyta who rears and leaves Lara (Ponyta’s rider who is tipped to win the race) with what looks like a broken arm.

He has trained his Dodrio well and it leads the race from the beginning.

Although all three heads want to eat first!

Team Rocket help him as much as they can but Ash gets away and soon he and Dario are the joint leaders in the race (not too difficult when they are the only two remaining participants!).

He plays a dirty trick on Ash and Ponyta (Dodrio I think pecks at Ponyta’s head) but Ponyta evolves into Rapidash and they win the race.

So, all in all we learn a valuable lesson; Crime doesn’t pay!

 By PokéSlug

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