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Damien is the trainer who abandoned the Charmander.  ash & friends saved the day by saving the Charmander who was sitting on a rock in the rain :c. the Charmander later turned on Damien and became ash’s.  NOTE: Charmander evolves into charizard in later episodes, and ash releases him into charific valley  


Daimien was the former trainer of Ash's charmander. In "Charmander - The Stray poke'mon", Ash and company found a Charmander sitting on a rock. At first Ash tries to to catch him, but only to get hit in the face by the poke'ball he threw. After a brief translation from Pikachu, they find out that the charmander is waiting for his master. Later at the Poke'mon center, however, they meet Daimien and over hear him telling his buddies how he tricked Charmander by saying he'd pick him up and how Charmander was weak in battle. (probably because he was to interested in training his stronger poke'mon to train the poor lizard.) Ash and the gang then ran through the rainstorm and rescued Charmander. The next day Team Rocket tried to kidnap Pikachu but ended up being charred by Charmander. Then Daimien appears and tries to take Charmander back because he defeated the Rockets. Charmander gets angry when Daimien argues with Ash that trying to dump Charmander made him stronger, then he gets burned when he throws a poke'ball at the poke'mon. Now Ash gets a charmander! - Jessica

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