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Blaine is the cinnabar islandís gym leader. Since cinnabar is located on a volcanic island, it only seemed natural for blaine to stick with using the awesomest fire types. His original gym was for the most part torn down, due to lack of trainers showing up at the island. Cinnabar has become mostly a tourist attraction center, and fewer and fewer trainers have come to battle at the gym, so blaine moved his gym to cinnabarís volcano, which was most appropriate for his fire pokemon ^_^

Heís the riddling type, and gave ash complicated clues to his gymís where abouts, and the seceret to cinnabar (atleast they were complicated to ash) but misty solved them right away.   We went on to discover that blaine really doesnt have hair, as he lead us to

There are two parts to his gym, the underside, which is in the volcano; very hot, and the doors are hidden behind a hot spring (another of those tourist attractions), and the upperside, which is the top of the volcano; a bit cooler than the inside, and the floor consists of peg like rocks which stick out of the volcanoís magma. As charizard and magmar showed us, above the volcano, and the magma below can also be used in battle.


Blaine mainly uses Fire Types, since his gym is in a volcano. Itís hard getting to him, because he speaks in riddles. When Ash, Misty and Brock got to Cinnabar Island, Ash couldnít get the riddles right, but Misty could! His favorite Pokemon to use are Ninetales, Rhydon and Magmar. If you manage to defeat his first 2 Pokemon, his Magmar will probably make short work of your others. Its Flamethrower, Fire Punch and Fire Blast are its favorite attacks. If you donít get Burned by his Pokemon, the Volcano Badge will be yours. - Petey

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