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Jason (Ness) Klaczynski - 15 - Orland Park, IL - #17 (highest rank: #3)
1) How did you get into this game?
Saw some theme decks at a store the day it came out.  Just seemed really fun to play, too.

2) What do you like about it?
The strategy. Putting together decks, testing things out, it gives ya somethin to do with friends.

3) What don't you like about it?
DCI is flawed, Wizards does a lot of stupid stuff, and I think luck plays a little more of a factor than it should.

4) What's your favorite deck to play?
I don't even know.  I can play anything and enjoy it.

5) What do you think is the strongest deck in the current environment?
Mind Games with Murkrow/Sneasel/Ditto.
Occult is a nice deck, too.. arithmetic is losing power.

6) What deck do you hate to play against?
Rain Dance. Everyone hates playing against that deck. It's stupid. It gets lucky too much.

7) What would your "Top 10 Best Pokémon" list look like?
#1 Cleffa- 3 or 4 in pretty much every deck. It's so versatile. With Lass it wins games.
#2 Sneasel- It's too fast. By turn two it can knock out anything.
#3 Rocket's Zapdos- Fast, feeds off the reckless Oaking, good against and with Energy Removal.
#4 Slowking- Stopping trainers stops their options. Stopping their options wins.
#5 Dark Vileplume- Just like Slowking, but for sure. :D
#6 Chansey- It can stall, it can offensive, it has 120 HP and one retreat. Fine with me.
#7 Ditto- Really can counter those Electabuzz, Sneasel, Slowking, Zapdos. It's what they have, but faster, but easier to stop, unfortunately.
#8 Clefable- With Zapdos and Sneasel extremely popular, and a better Clefairy, it's now very useable.
#9 Murkrow- This thing can Mean Look SO many things with a Dark Vileplume in play to pretty much win the game.  I just love that.
#10 Electabuzz- Formerly my #1. There's just better stuff, now. It's fast, but can't get that essential one hit KO.

8) Top 5 trainers?
#1 Professor Oak- Everyone knows it's totally broken.. a whole new hand. It's a must in pretty much every deck, like Cleffa.
#2 Computer Search-
Any card for 3, worth it, also a must. Helps ya stay fast.
#3 Lass-
Like I said, if you remove your opponents trainer options early, you'll win. Very nice with Cleffa.
#4 Gust of Wind-
Imagine a game where benched Pokémon were safe. Weird.
#5 Super Energy Removal-
Without this card Sneasel would be SO good it's not even funny.

9) Where do you usually play?
Brain Snacks, in Downers Grove, Illinois.

10) Who is your most difficult competition?
We have some of the most difficult competition in the world. Lots of players who placed high at the STS play here.

11) What do you win at tournaments?
For first? Not enough!! Only about $15- store credit.

12) What are some of your most thrilling victories?
Soon after Neo comes out, this guy Supered my Zapdos(I was playing Arithmetic) 4 times, running me out of energy. He thought had me. I had a large hand, and he had me on cards by about 10. I kept drawing, no energy, and on my last card, the Nightly. Put in a Cleffa, two Lightning, so he just kept saying go. He overlooked the Eeeeeek to put back 8 cards in my deck to beat him.

13) And your most devastating losses?
Games that come down to a single flip. I never win them.

Like at a qualifier, Gust Erika's Dratini with 20, Smog with Magmar.. roll the 6? No, it's a 9. Ugh.

14) Did you compete in the TMB, STS, or any other large-scale tournaments? If you did, how'd ya do?
I think people know I took first at the Tropical Mega Battle 2000, 5th at the EC STS although my chances of winning were lost to a rigged coin.  I won qualifiers, too.

15) If you had to ban one card, what would you ban?
Trap. It puts the game on a flip if you focus the deck on it.

16) What deck do you think is the funnest to play?
I personally like playing the Classic Alakazam/Chansey stall deck.. when it was decent, like 2 years ago.  If you could beat someone with it now they must be really, really, really, really, really, really dumb.

17) What do you think of Wizard's ideas of No 15+ qualifiers, Prop 15, etc.?
Prop 15 wasn't ad bad as we all thought it would be. But no 15+ qualifiers.. that's just wrong and pointless.

18) What does it mean to be ranked as one of the best Pokémon players in the world?
I don't care. DCI is flawed.

19) Do your friends/schoolmates know you play Pokémon? Does it give ya a good/bad reputation?
Most people, when they realize that it makes me a lot of money, will shut up. The rest of them are ignorant and will be flipping burgers until they die.

20) If you could have 100 Smeargles or 100 Japanese Woopers, which would you rather have? =/
Though I love sayin' Woooooopa I'd take the Smeargy's and trade 'em.

21) Who do you believe is the best Pokémon TCG player in the world?
I probably have played more people than anyone. Good players that is. And honestly, I don't know.

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