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Top oí the World Player Profile

Name Devin Peltier-Robson
Ranking 46 (as of 05/29/2001)
Age ??

Devin Peltier Robson Devin Peltier Robson, 46th globally

Ness: How did you get into this game?
I heard about it 5 or 6 months in advance (the Game Boy game that is), and I loved the concept. Once I heard about the cards, I got excited and couldnít wait until I could get some! Although we had to wait a while for them to arrive in our area.

Ness: What do you like about it?
Three things. I love making new decks,  I love trying them out, and I love all of the neat combos and strategies!

Ness: What donít you like about it?
I donít like it that players take it too seriously. It should be fun! (And Slowking! ^_^)

Ness: Whatís your favorite deck to play?
My favorite would have to be my WWF Smackdown (Wild Wiggle-Fable Smackdown). It has a record of 68-14, and Iím very proud of it.

Ness: What do you think is the strongest deck in the current environment?
Sneasel w/ Slowking is vicious, and just plain Sneasel is tough, but it seems all of the better players use normal Haymakers (Rocketís Zapdos and Electabuzz).

Ness: What deck do you hate to play against?
Slowking Locks! With Sneasels! They drive me insane, and they really arenít fun to play against.

Ness: What would your ďTop 10 Best PokťmonĒ list look like?
Well my favorite Pokťmon is Marill, but my list would look like this:

1. Magikarp! (Just kidding... Itís Wigglytuff!)
2. Clefable
3. Cleffa
4. Rocketís Zapdos
5. Sneasel
6. Slowking
7. Electabuzz
8. Gligar
9. Scyther
10. Chansey

Ness: Top 5 trainers?
1. Energy Removal/Super Energy Removal
2. Professor Oak
3. Computer Search
4. Item Finder
5. Lass!

Ness: Where do you usually play?
Tomorrow is Yesterday is Rockford, IL.

Ness: Who is your most difficult competition?
Probably Rick Ross, because heís pretty tough, and we compete in DCI. But Travis Keller is also very tricky to beat, but heís fun to play.

Ness: What do you win at tournaments?
The prizes for 1st place are 2 Neo Genesis, 1 Gym Heroes; for 2nd place I think a Gym Heroes and some Action Flipz and Topps Movie cards; for 3rd place I think a Gym Heroes and some Topps Movie cards; and 4th place gets 1 Gym Heroes.

Ness: What are some of your most thrilling victories?
It was cool when I beat Kane or Travis Keller, but my most thrilling victory was when I beat Rick Ross. I nailed him pretty bad by Metronome-ing his Rocketís Zapdosí and using Wiggly on everything else. I used Metronome for Double-edge
(knocking out Clefable), and then Did the Wave with Wiggly. I also kept his Energy really low. It was cool!

Ness: And your most devastating losses?
Well, when I battled Jeff Bernard and his Slowking Lock deck, he got his Slowkings out, and I had nothing. I couldnít get any Energy, and I didnít get my Oak fast enough. In non-tourney play, I lost (with my good deck!) to my mom. She had Nidoran Male, and I had Gligar. And of course, she got heads...

Ness: Did you compete in the TMB, STS, or any other large-scale tournaments? If you did, howíd ya do? 
Well, I didnít yet. But Iím gonna try this year!

Ness: If you had to ban one card, what would you ban?
SLOWKING! I love Metronome-ing Rocketís Zapdos, so I donít want it gone, and Sneasel is fun to use, but I really hate fighting a couple of Slowkings.

Ness: What deck do you think is the funnest to play?
My Common Cold deck. Itís a Grass deck that uses all Common Cards! All decks should be like that! And itís very satisfing beating your opponent with a Metapod or Weedle!

Ness: What do you think of Wizardís ideas of No 15+ qualifiers, Prop 15, etc.?
I didnít like Prop 15. I hate the idea of no 15+ Qualifiers. But I love the new STS format! Itís a great mental challenge!

Ness: What does it mean to be ranked as one of the best Pokťmon players in the world?
Itís a great feeling. It gives me confidence in myself knowing that out of 25,000 people, Iím in the top 100! It makes me feel good, but I donít brag about it. (oops! I just did! ^_^)

Ness: Do your friends/schoolmates know you play Pokťmon?
Does it give ya a good/bad reputation?
Iím homeschooled, but my friends think itís cool, but they donít worship me. We just hang out like we normally do. And I have a good reputation, because all of my friends like Pokťmon, and I tend to have all of the best cards.

Ness: If you could have 100 Smeargles or 100 Japanese Woopers, which would you rather have? =/
Smeargles! I like Smeargle more than Wooper (and Smeargle is funnier). Although can I take 100 Marills instead? ^_^

Ness: Who do you believe is the best Pokťmon TCG player in the world?
Iíd have to say Travis Keller. Heís an awesome player, and he always seems to be in a pretty good mood, win or lose. Being satisfied with winning and losing is a good thing. (Thank goodness Iím like that too!)

Ness: Any non-Pokť hobbies?
Nope! My life IS Pokťmon! No, Iím just kidding. I like to play the DBZ TCG, but I donít go to any Tourneys. I like to work on my computer, and on my website - Marriland! (www.marriland.com
) [Note: You donít have to put ď(www.marriland.com)Ē up if you think it would be advertising, it just IS one of my hobbies!] I also like playing with my friends, and playing video games.

Dr. D - The Doctor is in

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