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Top o’ the World Player Profile

Name Alex Fields
Ranking 22 (as of 05/29/2001)
Killeen, Texas
Age 13

1) How did you get into this game?
Well... my younger brother saw the TV show back in 98, and got the red version game that Christmas. I beat it before he did and started to watch the show too. In 99, when the card game was still being introduced, he bought a pack or two and I eventually started to collect them also. I was a “newbie” for about a year, after going to Leagues w/ my brother and then playing in DCI sanctioned tourneys. After about a year i “got good” ;) and became highly ranked.

2) What do you like about it?
I like how its something both kids and adults can be involved w/, and how its not quite as serious as some of the other popular card cames(such as Magic.) I think its also nice how there are Leagues, for you to meet other players and test out new deck ideas before you actually use it in a tourney. Events like the TMB and the STS make Pokemon worth playing if you werent just playing for fun to begin w/.

3) What don’t you like about it?
I dislike the people who will make fun of/look down on you for playing Pokemon, as if its something to be ashamed of. They think its babyish and for little kids, which of course its just the opposite.I also dislike how Wizards keep messing w/ the way rares are distributed in packs, so you have to basically buy a box or 2 per new set just to get the cards you need.

4) What’s your favorite deck to play?
Well, i used to like playing Wigglytuff back about a year ago when the environment was much different; it won me my first tournament and many others after that. Now, w/ Sneasel/Dark Plume/Murkrow/Slowking/Mass Trainer Disruption running rampant, my decks usually change every few weeks so its hard to say which i like the best. I prefer to control the environment rather than join w/ it (instead of playing Dark Plume/Slowking like everybody else, ill make a deck that has the ability to counter them.)

5) What do you think is the strongest deck in the current environment?
Hmmmmm.... well, in my environment, Sneasel and Murkow w/ trainer disabling(Slowking/Dark Plume/Chaos Gym) or trainer disruption(RSA, Lass, Trap) is most effective. It can be stopped though, heck i do it every week :D, but i do think they are the most stable/dominant.

6) What deck do you hate to play against?
I dont really hate to play against anything; well, this may sound strange but i actually dont like playing newbies. Because if somehow, someway, i get a horrible hand and they KO my Scyther w/ Charmander(yes this has happened before) or something like that, its not only humiliating but your points go way down(in tournament play.) if you beat them, unless theyve got a good record so far you proably wont gain much either.

7) What would your “Top 10 Best Pokémon” list look like?
Okay heres what id say:

# 10. Fossil Magmar
# 9. Rockets Zapdos
# 8. Chansey
# 7. Electabuzz
# 6. Scyther
# 5. Murkrow
# 4. Slowking
# 3. Dark Vileplume
# 2. Sneasel
# 1. Cleffa

8) Top 5 trainers?

# 5. Lass
# 4. Super Energy Removal
# 3. Item Finder
# 2. Comp. Search
# 1. Professor Oak

9) Where do you usually play?
At Limited Edition Sports Cards, Killeen, TX

10) Who is your most difficult competition?
Well, just about everyone in my area is competitive, but the best players ther(not counting myself :D ) would have to be(in no particular order) Mark Anders(also in top100, higher than me at the moment), David Dillow, and Carlos Sais.

11) What do you win at tournaments?
Usually jpacks, anything from base to neo3. Occasionally something like promo sets, one time i got first and even won Pokemon Gold.

12) What are some of your most thrilling victories?
Everytime i beat David Dillow, Mark Anders, or Carlos Sais, unless it was a fast game, its pretty thrilling... because they are the toughest competition and test me every week.

13) And your most devastating losses?
Whenever i lose to a newbie/someone who isnt quite as good as me. Most of the time(like 99.9%) its because of some HORRIBLE hand. Once i played this guy w. a messed up Charizard deck, i managed to get a hand of only energy, Wiggly and Scyther and lost 2nd turn to a F. Magmar. that had to be the most humiliatign, messed up loss ive ever had.

14) Did you compete in the TMB, STS, or any other large-scale tournaments? If you did, how’d ya do? Yea i was at last years Mega Battle, i watched you play that Japanese kid for first... i didnt do that well during the second day but thats because it was pretty much all luck based, the first day when we could use our own decks i won every time(w/ Wiggly...). In fact i think my mom was talking to your dad that first day when they all sat in that main room and watched us play our first game.

15) If you had to ban one card, what would you ban?
If i HAD to, it would be Sneasel. This card is very luck-based, and hes just too powerful if you can get him up and running w/ a Dark Plume/Slowking in play and were able to mess up the opponents hand first turn.

16) What deck do you think is the funnest to play?
Well this is sort of the same question as earlier :D, i still like Wiggly even though he is a bit hard to play in todays Sprout Tower/trainer denial environment.

17) What do you think of Wizard’s ideas of No 15+ qualifiers, Prop 15, etc.?
I actually like that a lot, especially w/ Neo. There are so any great cards in Neo, too many to name.. i wish that they had decided to use Prop 15 after Neo was released.

18) What does it mean to be ranked as one of the best Pokémon players in the world?
It doesnt mean that much, everyone that knows makes fun of me for even playing Pokemon. It did get me to Hawaii however, so i guess it means something....

19) Do your friends/schoolmates know you play Pokémon? Does it give ya a good/bad reputation?
Yea most of them know. Sometimes they make fun of me for it, but a lot of them(in fact just about all of them) used to play Pokemon at one time so i dont really care.

20) If you could have 100 Smeargles or 100 Japanese Woopers, which would you rather have? =/
Um, yea, 100 Smearles sounds nice =/

21) Who do you believe is the best Pokémon TCG player in the world?
MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! j/k   well, idont believe that there iS a “best” player, there are a LOT of great players but theres not just any one person.

22) Other hobbies:
Some other hobbies include: watching WWF, playing basketball, playing video games, watching MTV, the Internet.

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