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Top o’ the World Player Profile

1) How did you get into this game?
My brother and my neighbor started playing the game like RIGHT when it came out-- we're talking Machamp 2-player thing.  Since I'd been playing magic since 1996, I knew my TCGs.  When I realized how HORRID their decks were, if fixed them up. After I heard they'd won a local tourney, I figured "If these pathetic morons can do it, I'll be able to maim" and so it started there.

2) What do you like about it?
Basically, I dunno.  It was a lot of fun, and because at the start til about Gym1 I had Me, my brother, my neighbor and his brother all helping each other's decks.  It was cheaper to play pokemon and I won more.  I really got into the whole community on the old Pokegym and in #pokegym, and I've drifted into Pojo.com and #pojo as well.  The community is great, and it's something I have fun at and do well in.

3) What don’t you like about it?
The luck involved with the game. The disrespect the game as a whole gets by not only others, but by fellow TCG players.  The complete mistreatment of the game by WotC.  A lot of stuff..

4) Standard or Modified?  Why?
Sheesh, this is a toughy.  Even though most of my peers will probably hate me, I'd say modified.  Sure, it REALLY does have a lot more luck, but I really think that there are just so many people who have no clue how to build a modified deck, or play a modified deck, that even if the archtypes are set in stone, it doesn't mean you're going to win everything.  With standard, it's easy to figure out how to play a good deck and win.  I dunno.. *resigns*

5) Your favorite standard deck?
The wall, Slowking+Steelix+Sneasel... sue me.

6) Your favorite modified deck?
I've loved playing Feraligatr since when I used it at the ECSTS.  It's not that I love playing it cause it wins- it's just a really fun deck to play.  It's almost got a MTG "combo" deck feel to it.

7) What do you think is the strongest deck in standard and modified?
Slowking Sneasel+Murkow is probably the strongest standard deck.  Feraligatr is BY FAR the best modified deck.

8) What deck do you hate to play against?
I dunno... Slowking is annoying, quite at that.  I'd rather play gatrs all day instead of slowkings.

9) What would your “Top 10 Best Pokémon” list look like, for standard and modified.
Standard                     Modified
1. Cleffa                       Cleffa

2. Slowking                  Feraligatr
3. Sneasel                   Pichu
4. Steelix                     Typhlosion
5. Chansey                  Crobat
6. Murkow                   Slowking
7. Clefable                   Magby
8. Muk                        Nonholo Suicune
9. Pichu                      Holo Entei
10. Ditto                      Elekid
10) Top 5 trainers? 

Standard                          Modified
1. Professor Oak               Professor Elm
2. Computer Search          Misty's Wrath
3. Item Finder                   Double Gust
4. Super Energy Removal  Focus Band
5. Professor Elm               Chaos Gym

11) Where do you usually play?
Baseball Card City in Grand Rapids, MI

12) Who is your most difficult competition?
Prolly the guys from SoCal- Andres and Josh.  My dogg Seena and I playtest, and he's given me a run for my money on more than one occasion.

13) What do you win at tournaments?
Store credit for local tournies.  Jackets that I haven't gotten yet for STSs....

14) What are some of your most thrilling victories?
My big WCSTS win was really prolly the happiest win I've ever had- not necessarily thrilling though. I'd have to say, I was pretty happy on day1 when I beat Tom Hanley, then Daniel Stern back to back with my fire deck against their gatrs to be alone in first place.  I was riding high then.  I got pretty tight in both games.

15) And your most devastating losses?
At the ECSTS.  I had gone 7-0, then lost the previous round to Ben Zoz.  It was me vs my good friend Andres "Occult_Mastermind" Rodriguez.  He had bad breakers, so he couldn't draw.  The winner would go into the T8 as first seed and the loser would go home with a top16.  I finished with some extra boosters.. =\

16) Did you compete in the TMB, STS, or any other large-scale tournaments? If you did, how’d ya do?
I won both the WCSTS Detroit QTs. I finished 12th after my loss to Andres at the ECSTS.  I made T8 at the recent WCSTS on day1, and won the second day of the WCSTS. 

17) If you had to ban one card, what would you ban?
Slowking or lass... they're both really bad.

18) What deck do you think is the funnest to play?
Oh man.. it's gotta be Base-Team Rocket Moltres Stall.  That's SUCH a fun deck to play, you don't even know.  As of current decks. My total favorite is gatr.  I've loved it since day one of the ECSTS, and haven't stopped. =\

20) What do you think of Wizard’s ideas of No 15+ major tournaments Prop 15, etc.?
It's outrageous how they treat the 15+.  Sure, they give us stuff, but it's like holding catnip at the end of a string: pretty soon you're going to realize you'll never be able to get it and give up.  They keep on giving us peices of what we want: world-scale tournies, cash prizes/scholarships, trips, anything on par with MTG or even to be on scale with the 14-.  You get a BOX of cards for making T8 at a PTQ.  You barely get that much for winning the freakin STS!  Farid Meraghni walked away with $30,000 for winning PT San Diego!  If I could get even a $500 scholarship that would be AMAZING! You get like $100+ for making Top64 for the lova, you don't even get extra PACKS if you don't T16 an STS.  It's just so lame.

21) What does it mean to be ranked as one of the best Pokémon players in the world?
It's seriously really cool.  To think that some kid from Randomsville, ID would know who I am is really sweet.

22) Do your friends/schoolmates know you play Pokémon? Does it give ya a good/bad reputation?
Only like 1-2 that used to play do, they really aren't my good friends though.  If my school ever found out, I'd have to move, and I'm NOT kidding.

23) Who do you believe is the best Pokémon TCG player in the world?
Ha!  That's pretty tough.  I'd have to say it's either Eric Brooks, Jason K, or Andres Rodriguez.  They're all at the top of their game.

24) Any other hobbies?
I'm really quite good at the sax, our band was ranked in the top 20 for a worldwide Jazz competition, which is amazing.  I also play MTG.  I have a job.... but that's not really a hobby, I guess.

Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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