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12.10.01  Hello hello!

Whoo, here I am with my first deck fix after the WCSTS, was that a blast. I enjoyed meeting all you crazy Pojoites who were there, and hope to do so at the next WCSTS! =)

Our deck today was chosen because it reminds me of something I played against this past weekend. It can be very lethal, given the right makeup, and that is our goal today....


Hey Satoshi,

This is my attempt at a 6 color deck.  Itís done pretty well, but I have had some troubles explained later.

Pokemon (14)

4x Eevee (Discovery)
1x Dark Vaporeon
1x Dark Flareon
1x Dark Jolteon
1x Espeon (holo)
1x Umbreon (non holo)
2x Ho-oh (non holo)
2x Magmar (fossil)
1x Lapras (fossil

Energy (25)

7x Fire Energy
5x Water Energy
4x Electric Energy
4x Psychic Energy
3x Darkness Energy
2x DCE  

Trainers (21)

3x Bill
3x Energy Search
3x Energy Ark
3x Energy Retrieval
3x Rocketís Hideout
2x Prof. Elm
2x Pokemon Breeder Fields
1x Ecogym
1x Gold Berry

I donít think I need multiple copies of any of the eevee evolutions because I donít rely on any 1 evolution as the focus for the deck.

Everything should be self explanatory.  Ecogym is for saving darkness energy and the energy searches and arks are obsiously necessary.

I have had some trouble getting pokemon on the first turn since there are only 9 basics. That should be all.  The energy count seems about right.  I havenít had trouble getting the right energy at the right time.  Please help!!!


Hmm, well, weíve got some work to do.

As usual, weíll start with the Pokťmon. I like the idea of having all the Eevee-lutions in one deck, but with this makeup itíll be a bit hard. First, to make it a bit easier to get your Evolutions into play, letís make two of the Eevee the special level 7 League Promo Eevee. This way, when you get heads on a Neo: Discovery Eevee, the effect is twice as nice; two evolutions

for one energy? Nice:

        2 Eevee (Discovery)

+2 Eevee lv7 (Promo)

Next, we need everyoneís favorite fluffball, Cleffa. Card drawing is a big must, and that pesky baby rule will help out a lot if things begin to look sour-after all, everyone LOVES a few turns to set things up, right? Letís kill off the Magmar and Lapras for three Cleffa:

        2 Magmar (Fossil)

        1 Lapras (Fossil)

+3 Cleffa lv6 (Neo: Genesis)

Now, as for the Eevee-lutions themselves...I hate to say it, but I donít think all five are going to cut it. As cool as it is to have them all here, I just think weíd be better off limiting ourselves to two or three. That way, we can even out our numbers and add in some backup without skipping on Energy too badly. Letís remove the Dark Vaporeon and Dark Flareon, leaving the Umbreon, Espeon, and Dark Jolteon. Right off the bat weíll add another Dark Jolteon and Umbreon, making sure the Dark-type is now the HOLO version:

        1 Dark Vaporeon

        1 Dark Flareon +1 Dark Jolteon +1 Umbreon (holo)

Now, weíve got a lot of Extra space here: namely, all the Fire and Water energy slots. With our Thirteen(!!) spaces, letís add some backup in the way of three Neo: Genesis Murkrow and two Movie Promo Mewtwo to help absorb any lost Dark Energies. Letís also add in two more each of Electric and Psychic Energy, along with a forth Darkness Energy.

        7 Fire Energy

        5 Water Energy

+3 Murkrow (Neo: Genesis)
+2 Mewtwo lv60 (Promo)
+2 Psychic Energy
+2 Electric Energy
+1 Dark Energy

Weíve got two spaces left, which weíll use in the Trainer section. Right off the bat, remove the Energy Search, Energy Arc, and Energy Retrieval for 4 Computer Search, 4 Professor Oak, and 1 Itemfinder. Use our two empty spaces for two more Itemfinder:

        3 Energy Search

        3 Energy Arc

        3 Energy Retrieval

+4 Professor Oak
+4 Computer Search
+3 Itemfinder

Next, remove one Rocketís Hideout for a second Gold Berry and take out the Ecogym for another. Finally, ditch a Professor Elm for an Energy Flow. We want those Darkness Energy off of Mewtwo as soon as possible! :)

        1 Professor Elm

        1 Rocketís Hideout

        1 Ecogym +2 Gold Berry +1 Energy Flow.

And weíre done! This deck should work a lot better now...the holo Umbreon is just nasty, and Dark Jolteon and Espeon arenít bad either. Good luck and happy gaming! is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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