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11.26.01  Hello hello!
BLASTOSIE: *grumble grumble*...
You still upset?
Sigh....Blastoise is a bit upset about my not letting him accompany me to
the WCSTS this year. I've tried to explain that the nice people in San Diego
would be a bit leery of a giant turtle walking around inside the convention
center, and even went as far as to describe the door dimensions and how it
would be mathematically impossible to fit his rather large form through the
front entrance. Because of this, Blastoise has taken to ignoring me and
anyone that comes into the shop today. Ah well...let's see the deck, hm?
Rain Dance X
Please upgrade this...
4 squirtle (3 base,1 rocket)
2 wartortle (base)
2 Blastoise (base)
2 Misty's Magikarp
1 Misty's Gyarados
3 Magikarp (2 base, 1 rocket)
2 Gyarados (base)
1 Lapras (fossil)
1 Articuno (fossil)
21 Water
3 computer search
2 Pokemon Trainer
2 super potion
3 gust of wind
3 swich
2 energy retrieval
2 pokemon Breader
2 Prof Oak
1 Misty's tears
I did this deck and modified i so many times. it has
won 15 out of 18 games.
I want to improve it.
My strategy is to evolve blastoise in 2 turns and use
the trainers to get all the energy cards and trainers
i need to quickly evolve and to deliver VERY heavy
damage in only the start of the game (tip:energies
galore using raindance).
Hey! Blastoise, look! A Raindance deck!
Ugh...fine. Be a big baby. See if I care. Let's get to fixing the deck.
The Pokémon need to be focused, first of all. We've got three(!!!) evolution
lines, which is NOT a good thing at all. Remove the base Gyarados for two
more Blastoise and kill the Magikarp for three Cleffa. This will not only
help the deck get moving faster, but will get rid of some of our weakling
basics. In the environment that is today's, we need to cut back on as many
weakling basics as possible, for fear of Rocket's Zapdos coming along and
ruining our day. Remove the two Wartortle for another Misty's Magikarp and
Misty's Gyarados. Lastly, remove the Articuno and Lapras for a third Misty's
Gyarados, making the line 3-3, and a lone Wooper-wait. Your original number
was off by one, meaning we have room for two Wooper, so in they both go. Our
Pokémon now look like this:
Pokémon: 19
4 Squirtle (all rocket)
4 Blastoise
3 Misty's Magikarp
3 Misty's Gyarados
3 Cleffa
2 Wooper
Onto the Trainers now. Take out the two Super Potion off the bat to make
room for two more Professor Oak, and ditch the three Switch for three
Itemfinder. Next, remove two Gust of Wind for a fourth Computer Search and
Itemfinder, and change the two Pokémon Traders into Pokémon Breeders. Turn
the two Energy Retrieval into two Ecogym and borrow two Water Energy for two
Nightly Garbage Run. We're done!
Trainers: 22
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Itemfinder
4 Pokémon Breeder
2 Ecogym
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Gust of Wind
1 Misty's Tears
The Energy really doesn't need much work. Just remove two more Water Energy
for two Double Colorless Energy and we're done.
Energy: 19
17 Water Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy
That'll do it for today.
Gah...don't mind him. He's just a big baby. -_-;;
On another note, I look forward to seeing a lot of you at the WCSTS. Just
look for the goofy looking guy with curly brown hair in the Pojo
jersey...that's meh. ;) See ya in San Diego! is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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