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Pokemon TCG Deck Garage

Hello all! Glad to see you made it aboard.
Yeah, so here I am on my yearly trip to the space station. Got to keep this
thing running, don-cha-know. How else would we be able to keep track of the
Goldeneye-erm, ehehe, nevermind. ;-)

You know, being a deck mech, there are just some people you really like
gettin decks from. I try not to play favorites, but when I got this deck, I
just couldn't resist. Here's a deck from everyone's favorite furry blue mock
How have you been? I've been a lazy bum, hardly ever on AIM these days--at
least, not using my "public name" ...

I noticed you haven't done a Twisted Challenge for a while. *sniffle*

I've been messing around with the ECSTS2 format. A little bit, not that
much, since I'm not planning on going. (this is not an ECSTS2 format deck!)
But I figured, "Hey, let's annoy Tooshy and send him a pesky long letter in
the middle of the night about absolutely nothing, and add a deck as an

Well, the deck's code name is "Menthane." Brings to mind all sorts of
things. Well, I think it'll come clear in a while. (The name I initially
came up with was "How to ignite a fart" but uh, that's rather disgusting )

Pokemon! 18 of 'em!
3 Promo Entei (spiffy!)
2 Fossil Magmar (nifty!)
1 Neo Magmar (whompy!)
4 Grimer (Fossil!)
3 Muk (Yay!)
3 Scyther (woo hoo)
2 Chansey (Floofy!)

Trainers! 18!!
2 Professor Oak (doodle!)
2 Professor Elm (recycle!)
3 Computer Search (hunt!)
2 Item Finder (peck!)
3 Nightly Garbage Run (Mobius Man!)
1 Magic Jumping Bean (aka Switch--It's always useful when it's in a deck,
and when it's not, I always wish for it!!)
2 Gust of Wind (zoom ZOOM zoom)
3 Gold Berry (Yum!)

Energy! 24! Yow!
12 Grass Energy (Mukfood)
10 Fire Energy (Enteifood)
4 Double Colorless Energy (Chanseyfood)

Understand now? The whole idea: "Setting toxic gas on fire." Rather fun,

It's energy heavy, but well, if I don't run excessive energy, I don't get
ANY energy.

No Cleffa, I know. What's wrong with me? 1: I don't have 'em. 2: My
opponents always flip HEADS.

I took one look at Entei. The first partner that came to mind, almost
immediately, was "Fossil Muk." As far as I'm concerned, this is an original
deck. I'm fairly sure other people have, or will think of this sort of
idea, but it's a pretty fragile balance between "Insane enough to be good"
and "Just plain HORRIBLE" ... so I doubt it'll be an archetype.

Muk is so much fun. Not only POISON, decent damage, and the look of
absolute horror on my opponents face when they realize that their Slowking
is WORTHLESS... but it keeps Entei right where he belongs. Yay!

That lonely Neo Magmar's present because I've found it useful in the past.
It's not a horrible card, and can hold its own, and I'd rather have it
fending for itself all alone on the first turn than a solitary Entei! Neo
Mags has what it takes to whomp, and is decent when there's nobody else
around to cut the cheese!

I dunno how this deck'll work. At the moment, Energy Retrieval and Misty's
Duel are being used as "placeholders" for two Gold Berries, otherwise I have
the cards I listed. Energy Retrieval is just plain useful, even in Energy
Heavy decks, and Misty's Duel is a FUN card. :)

Lately I've been experimenting with Quagsire. Everyone's coming to expect
it from me, and before long I'll see bunches of Scythers to take it out.
Wait, I already am seeing too many Scythers for my liking! So I figured I'd
visit Fire again, since I haven't used it in a while (very big evil grin)

Chansey. I pulled my first Chansey a few weeks ago, and I guess I've gone
crazy for the blob. Used it in a deck today, and it won the game for me.
Yay. I managed to trade for another one today (yippee) and it's a pretty
solid pillow :)

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. But I'm not really
expecting an all-out Deck Fix, the deck is too silly to be taken seriously

Keep in touch, Tooshy!

---Rainy, who is crazy and proud of it!
Crazy? You? Never woulda guessed. ;-)
Heh. Wel, it's always a pleasure to hear from ya, Rainy. Feel free to babble
on anytime ya want-get it? Space Station? Babble-on? Babylon? Erm, yeah. :-\

Hmm. Well, I'd say you've got a pretty good start here, Rainy. Just like
nearly all original decks, this thing bridges the gap between "Very Cool"
and "Insane." Or as we call it around here: ThE MrMoNkEy ZoNe. Kudos. :-D

Let's begin, shall we?
First, let's change that neo Magmar into a fossil Magmar. With just one,
I'll bet he's feeling like an outcast...plus, fossil Magmar is just plain
quicker, less damaging or not. Next, I think we could bear to lose a Grimer
in exchange for a thrid Chansey. 3-3 lines tend to work very well, and now
we have a third pillow! Yey! ;x

As for Trainers, Let's lose one NGR for a third Itemfinder. 2 is nice, but 3
is, uh...nicer. O_o Yeah. Anyway, I'm also gonna suggest the removal of one
Grass Energy for another Professor Oak. Even with two Elm, 3 Oak are needed,
IMO. We want to be able to play trainers, and Elm jusrt doesn't let us. He's
a bit mean, that Elm.

Lastly, take out one Grass Energy for a Recycle Energy. This card, in the
words of Scott Gerhardt, is "broken." And it is. Discarding energy to
retreat becomes less of a problem, as does Energy Removal.

Everything else looks spiffy. Nicely done. And a big LOL to everything in
the decklist in parenthesis. :-D

That's all for now. Rainy, IM me anytime, aight? Good luck and happy gaming,

Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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