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Pokemon TCG Deck Garage

ding ding

Hey everyone. I got the idea in mah head to do this fix with GLitcH, a good friend of mine and former mech. So here it is!!


PojoMechanic: ready?

GLitcH 03: whoa o_O

PojoMechanic: ready?

GLitcH 03: mmkay

GLitcH 03: *ding*ding*

PojoMechanic: Hello, how may I-hey, I know you! Youíre #pojoís very own GLitcH!!!

GLitcH 03: ...

PojoMechanic: lol

GLitcH 03: Hiya Satashi!

PojoMechanic: heya GLeecH

GLitcH 03: I, erm, could use some aspirin

GLitcH 03: Think j00 and your store could spare me some?

PojoMechanic: looks to crowd....this is GLeecH everyone.....heís in need of ďaspirinĒ wink

PojoMechanic: here

GLitcH 03: Weedle says hi :O

PojoMechanic: lol

PojoMechanic: ...

GLitcH 03: Thanks, lol

PojoMechanic: Blastoise says ďDIE f00!Ē

PojoMechanic: ....

GLitcH 03: AHhhhh

GLitcH 03: Evil thing :x

PojoMechanic: anyway, wanna help with the deck fix-a-ma-jig?

GLitcH 03: Weedle 0wnz j00 Blastoise

PojoMechanic: lol

GLitcH 03: sure ;x

GLitcH 03: being a retired deck mech and all, I might not be too good anymore :|

PojoMechanic: yeah, heís so excited folks, can ya tell?

GLitcH 03: crowd cheers for GLitcH

PojoMechanic: lemme just c/p the deck up here again....I accidently xíd out the window before. ;x


Ghostly Encounters of The Third Kind Deck

Pokemon x19

4 Gastly (Base Set)

3 Haunter (Base Set)

1 Gengar (Fossil)

1 Sabrinaís Gastly

1 Sabrinaís Haunter

1 Sabrinaís Gengar

3 TR Dratini

2 Dark Dragonair

2 Mewtwo (Movie Promo)

1 Mewtwo (Nintendo Promo)


Energy x26

22 Psychic



Trainer x15

2 Bill

2 Challenge!

2 Computer Search

2 Berry

1 Master Ball

1 Pokemon March

1 Gold Berry

2 Prof. Oak

2 Nightly Garbage Run

This is a good deck.  It won a badge for me at League.  Well, the point of this deck is to basically get pokemon on my bench and evolve them really, really fast.  Then, I attack with my Fossil Gengar or Nintendo Power Mewtwo.  The point with these is simple: Destroy bench or baby pokemon.  With The NP Mewtwo, any pokemon can take 30 damage, for three damage, and the attack is not effected by Weakness or Resistance.  I know I need more than one, but itís rare.  Well, please help my deck!

GLitcH 03: <cheap plug> http://weedle.glh03.com </cheap plug>

PojoMechanic: ....

PojoMechanic: go there folks....itís an okay site...for a lamer

PojoMechanic: ;x

PojoMechanic: anywho, onto the deck

GLitcH 03: >=\

GLitcH 03: Yes..

PojoMechanic: ....GLitcH, please get out of the cash regisiter, man...

GLitcH 03: first thing, KILL THE BASE GASTLY

GLitcH 03: ahhhhh

GLitcH 03: :O

PojoMechanic: yes. Lose the gastly

GLitcH 03: That was f00x

PojoMechanic: lol

GLitcH 03: I swear

PojoMechanic: anyway. Gastly goes in favor of his fossil counterpart-also

known as the ďGOODĒgastly

 GLitcH 03: We need Fossil Gastly for this deck

PojoMechanic: as I just said...

GLitcH 03: indeedy

GLitcH 03: Base Gastly is toilet paper material

PojoMechanic: so...

 -   3 base Gastly

+3 fossil Gastly

PojoMechanic: next, I say we add in símore Gengar-rare or not, one is not enough

GLitcH 03: indeed

PojoMechanic: what say you GLitcH? What goes for two more Gengar?

GLitcH 03: erm, he had 4 Base Gastly...

PojoMechanic: oh

PojoMechanic: well

PojoMechanic: -4 base Gastly

+4 fossil Gastly

PojoMechanic: happy?

PojoMechanic: ;-)

GLitcH 03: Why only take out 3?

GLitcH 03: Very ;-)

PojoMechanic: lol

PojoMechanic: ok

PojoMechanic: the Gengar....

PojoMechanic: I say

PojoMechanic: out comes the Sabrinaís Gastly/Haunter

GLitcH 03: Then, adding in 2 Gengars sounds fine

PojoMechanic: because a 1-1-1 line is vewy bad

GLitcH 03: very

PojoMechanic: -1 Sís Gastly

-      1  Sís Haunter

+2 Gengar

GLitcH 03: definitely drop

PojoMechanic: ( GLitcH is my yes-man, folks...can ya tell? )

GLitcH 03: Cause 1-1-1 lines totally reak of Suckitude

PojoMechanic: donít be mean, GLitcH...

GLitcH 03: erm, I need to lay off the WWF...

PojoMechanic: lol yes

GLitcH 03: -3 Base Haunter, +3 Fossil Haunter

PojoMechanic: ....

GLitcH 03: Canít forget that

PojoMechanic: oh yeah

PojoMechanic: :-\

PojoMechanic: next

GLitcH 03: ...?

GLitcH 03: Getting bad in your old age, eh Satashi?

PojoMechanic: letís ditch the lone Sabrinaís Gengar for another Nintendo Power Mewtwo-seeing as how they are important to this deck

PojoMechanic: and letís not forget whoís still the mech, Gleech

PojoMechanic: ;x

GLitcH 03: Erm, right ;x

GLitcH 03: Even if I can still 0wn j00 in pokeyman cards =\

PojoMechanic: ....LOL

PojoMechanic: anyway

PojoMechanic: ditch 3 Psychic Energy for another of each of the Mewtwo

PojoMechanic: so...

GLitcH 03: Drop the 2 Berries also

PojoMechanic: -1 Sabrinaís Gengar

 -     2 Psychic Energy

+2 Nintendo Mewtwo

+1 MP Mewtwo

PojoMechanic: that should be two Psychic leaving...sorry about that

PojoMechanic: and we arenít done with the PKMN, GLitcH. Hang on a sec.

GLitcH 03: right :O

PojoMechanic: yeah

PojoMechanic: hmm

PojoMechanic: Dark Dragonair is..not good.

PojoMechanic: drop that line for 3 Chansey and 2 Cleffa

GLitcH 03: Cleffa is goooood...

PojoMechanic: -3 Dratini

     2 Dark Dragonair

+3 Chansey

+2 Cleffa

PojoMechanic: yeah

PojoMechanic: Cleffa = yummy

GLitcH 03: we love Cleffa

PojoMechanic: /me huggles Cleffa

PojoMechanic: :-\

GLitcH 03: Chansey = fluffy

PojoMechanic: lol indeed

PojoMechanic: /me huggles Chansey too

GLitcH 03: /me doesnít huggle Chansey =\

PojoMechanic: lol

PojoMechanic: anyway

PojoMechanic: onto the trainers

PojoMechanic: please drop the following:

GLitcH 03: -2 Berry

GLitcH 03: Berry was a waste of cardboard

PojoMechanic: yes

PojoMechanic: add in two more Gold Berry insteadí

PojoMechanic: -2 Berry

+2 Gold Berry

GLitcH 03: indeed

PojoMechanic: random thought...is gold berry really gold?

GLitcH 03: Drop the Challenge!

PojoMechanic: yes

GLitcH 03: random answer.... no

PojoMechanic: add in two more CPU Search

PojoMechanic: -2 Challenge!

+2 CPU Search

GLitcH 03: Pokemon March?

PojoMechanic: PKMN March and Master Ball leave for two more Professor Oak

GLitcH 03: Why is that in here?

GLitcH 03: agreed

PojoMechanic: -1 Pokemon March

 --1 Master Ball

 +2 Professor oak

PojoMechanic: next, change the bills to Mistyís Wrath

PojoMechanic: -2 Bill

+2 Mistyís Wrath

GLitcH 03: f00x loves Wrath

PojoMechanic: yes

PojoMechanic: yes he does

PojoMechanic: now, drop four Psychic Energy for four Itemfinder

GLitcH 03: As we all should -_-

PojoMechanic: -4 Psychic Energy

+4 Itemfinder

PojoMechanic: That looks pretty good for trainers...anything youíd like to add?

GLitcH 03: hmmm

GLitcH 03: Looks good

PojoMechanic: While GLitcH ponders that, letís make the DCE into two full heal and two recycle

PojoMechanic: -4 DCE

+2 FHE

+2 Recycle Energy

PojoMechanic: That should do it

GLitcH 03: NOoooo

PojoMechanic: thanks for helping today GLitcH

GLitcH 03: Must have Metal Energy

PojoMechanic: oh

GLitcH 03: -_-

PojoMechanic: ok

PojoMechanic: what do you suggest then?

PojoMechanic: what goes?

GLitcH 03: Chansey is yummy with Metal Energy

GLitcH 03: Hmmmm....

PojoMechanic: well

GLitcH 03: I donít have a cumulative deck list here, itís kind of hard to

tell whatís left

GLitcH 03: How many Psychic energy is there?

PojoMechanic: 15

GLitcH 03: hmm

GLitcH 03: with 4 oak, 2 wrath, and NGR... I think we could drop 3 Psychic

PojoMechanic: ok

PojoMechanic: -3 Psychic Energy

+3 Metal Energy

PojoMechanic: are we DONE?

PojoMechanic: is there anything ELSE?

PojoMechanic: ;-)

GLitcH 03: hmm

GLitcH 03: One last thing

PojoMechanic: ok

GLitcH 03: Weedle 0wnz j00 all

GLitcH 03: And http://weedle.glh03.com is cool :O

PojoMechanic: okey dokey

GLitcH 03: Bye guys, I miss you =P!

PojoMechanic: btw, GLitcH.....

PojoMechanic: you need to leeenk meh

GLitcH 03: Yes....

GLitcH 03: leeenk j00?

PojoMechanic: http://www.geocities.com/teamcerulean

PojoMechanic: put it in your leeenk page

PojoMechanic: f00

PojoMechanic: ;x

GLitcH 03: hmm =\

GLitcH 03: Am I in your link page?

PojoMechanic: yes

PojoMechanic: now liiiink meh.

PojoMechanic: and uh

PojoMechanic: Good luck and happy gaming, everyone!!!


Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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