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Pokemon TCG Deck Garage
Monkey's Mental Hospital

Hey Mr.Monkey
This is the deck that I'm thinking about using at the STS and I would appreciate it if you could help fix it up for me.

4 Mareep
3 Flaffy
3 Ampharos
3 Rocket's Zapdos
3 Cleffa
2 Magmar
1 Magby

4 Elm
3 Mary
2 Misty's Wrath
4 Gold Berry
2 Warp Point
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Lt. Surge
4 Rocket Sneak Attack

10 Lightning Energy
4 Metal Energy
3 Full Heal Energy

Try to start with a Mareep with a couple on the bench, use Static Electricity, then evolve, if I have to I would use Flaffy's second attack, then third turn evolve into Ampharos and commence beatdown.

Thanks alot
Collin Turner
I decided I would do an ECSTS fix today, since the ECSTS is in, like, 10 days or so. =/ This deck is pretty good, I can't find much to change.  Oh well. =\
Your pokemon lineup looks nice.  You have Magmar for Steelix, Magby for Slowking, and Cleffa for Trap.  Lets leave the pokemon like they are.
I suggest using Double Gust instead of Warp Point.  Warp Point lets the opponent choose which of their pokemon comes out, and they'll usually choose the one you don't want.  Of course, with Double Gust the opponent gets to choose which of YOUR pokemon comes out, but that's just the price you have to pay, I suppose.
One combo that I think is rather useful in the ECSTS format is Imposter Oak's Revenge/Rocket's Sneak Attack.  And since you already have 4 Rocket's Sneak Attack, lets add 3 Imposter Oak's Revenges to go along with them.  Reduce the size of your opponent's hand, then remove any trainers that will give them a chance to recover.  Lets drop a Nightly Garbage Run and add one more Misty's Wrath in there for more draw power.
Rocket's Zapdos is really the only pokemon that can get some use out of Metal Energy, and we need room for the trainers we added, so lets just drop all of the Metal Energies.  Replace one of the Full Heal Energies for another Lightning Energy, too.  With 2 Nightly Garbage Runs, 14 energy should be sufficient.
Revised Flash:
Pokemon:  19
4 Mareep
3 Flaffy
3 Ampharos
3 Rocket's Zapdos
3 Cleffa
2 Magmar
1 Magby

Trainers:  27
4 Elm
3 Mary
3 Misty's Wrath
4 Gold Berry
2 Double Gust
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Lt. Surge
4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
3 Imposter Oak's Revenge

Energy:  14
12 Lightning Energy
2 Full Heal Energy
That oughtta do it.  Good luck at the ECSTS. =/
~ Monkey


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