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Pokemon TCG Deck Garage
Monkey's Mental Hospital

The basis of this deck is to use Murkrow in the beginning to stall and hurt my opponents bench, then use Sneasal to clean-up on prizes. Gligar is used for any Wiggly's that come out into play. Cleffa is used for drawing power.  I win with this deck a lot, but I still think it can be better. Do what you can to modify it fo me. Good Luck, MONKEY.

12 Pokemon
3 Sneasal
3 Murkrow
3 Gligar
3 Cleffa

14 Energy
4 Dark Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
6 Fighting Energy

34 Trainers
4 Oak
4 Computer Search
3 ItemFinder
4 Plus Power
3 Gold Berry
3 Gust Of Wind
2 Bellsprout Tower
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Energy Charge
2 Nightly Garbage Run
Howdy.  This deck really doesn't need much help at all, but I'm kinda dead right now, so I could use a fix that doesn't require that much thinking. =/
But anyway, the first thing I see that might be a problem is the use of Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal instead of EcoGym or something.  Usually in decks with a lot of special energy cards an anti-energy removal card is required.  You do have the Energy Charges, but they're just not reliable enough.  Lets drop the Energy Removals, Super Energy Removals, and the Sprout Towers and add in some EcoGyms to protect you from your opponent's energy removing.  Lets cut the Energy Charges too since you won't be losing your energy as easily.  That leaves us with a lot of room for stuff.  I always think some sort of hand disruption is good, so lets add some The Rocket's Trap and Rocket's Sneak Attack.
There's one card that your pokemon might have a problem with that you don't have any protection against:  Unown D.  It'll make Sneasel a lot less effective, and make Murkrow practically useless.  That would be bad. =/ But luckily, there's a way to help that.  Put in two Igglybuffs to stop the Unown D's power during your turn.  The Igglybuffs also come in handy when you play Slowking or Dark Vileplume or something.
Those seem to be the only major ways to improve the deck, but there's still one more thing I know that could be useful: replace the Gust of Winds with Double Gusts.  It can help you get rid of status effects and escape from Murkrow's Mean Look, and since all of your pokemon have free retreat, you can retreat whatever your opponent chose and attack with whoever you want.  It can come in handy sometime. =/
That's all I know to do.  Lets take a look at the revised decklist now. =/
Pokemon - 14
3 Sneasel
3 Murkrow
3 Gligar
3 Cleffa
2 Igglybuff
Trainers - 32
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 PlusPower
4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
3 Item Finder
3 The Rocket's Trap
3 Gold Berry
3 Double Gust
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 EcoGym
Energy - 16
4 Darkness Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
6 Fighting Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy
There ya go.  Good luck, have a nice day, etc.
~ Monkey


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