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Pokemon TCG Deck Garage

Wow, being a deck mech sure does fill up your inbox. I've already gotten a whole lot of decks, so don't be surprised if yours doesn't get posted. I, contrary to popular believe, do have a little bit of a life besides Pojo. =/

But anyway, lets see what I can do for this deck here.

Hey Minkey ;)
This is FunKee and my deck is called Caught in Fire

this deck is pretty good and used to win about 4 outta 5 games
I played with it but as of late, it's probably winning only 2 outta 5
games and I was wondering if you could help me ;)

2 Clefable
1 Clefairy L19
2 Clefairy
2 Cleffa
3 Sneasel
2 Blaine's Rapidash L31
3 Blaine's Ponyta L13
4 Dark Energy
10 Fire Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Computer Search
2 Imposter Oak's Revenge
2 Golden Nut
1 Professor Utsugi
3 Professor Oak
3 PlusPower
2 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Item Finder
4 Rocket's Sneak Attack

Heya FunK. FunKee is a regular on Pojo's IRC chat on irc.mediadriven.com, for those of you that are fortunate enough not to know him. Erm, forget I said that last part. =P

I chose FunKee's deck because its not just your average Slowking or Sneasel deck. Let that be an indication on how to have a greater chance of getting your deck fixed. It doesn't look like it needs that much help, but I'll see what I can do. Its seems to be missing some cards, but that'll just make it easier for me to fix. =)


Your pokemon lineup is pretty solid. I would try to focus on one of the evolution lines. I don't know why, but oh well. =/ Lets focus this on Clefable, to give you an edge over Sneasel and Rocket's Zapdos. Go with a 3-3 line on the Clefables. A 4-4 line and a 3-2 line would take up too much room. Use 3 of the Neo: Genesis Clefairy rather than a mixture of that and Base. The extra 10 hp should be more beneficial than being able to do Metronome for 3 energy. That oughtta do it for the pokemon.


I don't really see a need for the PlusPowers in this deck. Darkness Energy can help with that, and we need card space. Add a forth Professor Oak, Computer Search, and Item Finder. It'll help you get a lot more speed, and speed is good.

Some gym trainers are always a good thing, so add 2 EcoGym to protect you from Energy Removal, which Sneasel happens to need a lot of.


With three Sneasels, I really think you need Rainbow Energy along with the Darkness to make it easier to use Beat Up. Lets cut down on the Fire Energy a bit and add 4 Rainbow Energy.

Revised Caught In Fire

Pokemon: 16

3 Clefairy L19
3 Clefable
3 Blaine's Ponyta L13
2 Blaine's Rapidash
3 Sneasel
2 Cleffa

Trainers: 25

4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
2 Gold Berry
2 Imposter Oak's Revenge
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 EcoGym
1 Professor Elm

Energy: 19

7 Fire Energy
4 Darkness Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

There ya go. It should do pretty well now, unless you like start with a lone Clefairy with 4 Item Finders and 2 Nightly Garbage Runs. But that probably won't happen very often. =/

~ MrMonkey33

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