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Pokemon TCG Deck Garage


Hey flare its spidy!

Anyway this is my deck for the ECSTS since i won tickets at the Kissimee Qualifiers ^_^.


2 Elekid

3 Slowpoke(neo)

2 Slowking

4 Rocketís Zapdos

2 Murkrow

3 Blainís Ponyta(LV 11)

2 Blains Rapidash



4 Gold Berry

3 Mistyís Wrath

4 Nightly Garbage Run

1 Cinnabar Island Gym

2 The Rockets Trap

3 Rocketís Sneak Attack

3 Professor Elm



3 Darkness Energy

3 Metal Energy

9 Lightning Energy

7 Fire Energy



I want this deck to be as fast as possible and actually trap someones cleffa or psychic pokemon with murcrow. Or my Rapidash there to wipe out the bench /Metal pokemon such as Steelix. Although i have the greatest weakness to feraligatr and wooper, that is why i need something for that kind of deck.

WEll thx and good luck flare :P

Hey Spidy,

Well you already told me what the big thing you are afraid of and that is wooper.. but lets see if i can make blaineís rapidash strong enough to kick wooper out of the game..

POKEMON: hmm slowking in sts? i dont think he is really needed in this deck.. so lets drop the king and add some cleffa and add in more blaineís pontya-dash.. this deck can be more of a bench destruction deck with rapidashís attack..and wooper wont give you any problems if hes on the bench getting 10 damage a turn

2 Elekid              Pokemon: 18

3 Cleffa

4 Rocketís Zapdos

2 Murkrow

4 Blaineís Ponyta(LV 11)

3 Blaineís Rapidash


TRAINERS: Well in my opinion the only thing i think will show up is basically steelix decks ;/ so lets get rid of the traps... lets add some more cinnabar gyms.. and if you like we could throw in a chaos gym since your deck isnt really heavy trainer reliant

4 Gold Berry 20

2 Mistyís Wrath

4 Nightly Garbage Run

3 Cinnabar Island Gym

3 Blaine (power up rapidash faster if needed)

4 Professor Elm


Energy: hmmm how about 8/8 fire/light? Energy: 22

3 Darkness Energy

3 Metal Energy

8 Lightning Energy

8 Fire Energy


Well there you go.. Good Luck at the EC STS!



Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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