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Pokemon TCG Deck Garage

Yaitza Benitez wrote:

Hi Flareon,
This is a new deck I made recently...
It has won a few battles already....
Anyway, here's the deck:

Tyranitar Rampage:


3Unown D


3Computer Search
3Nightly Garbage Run

2Double Colorless Energy

The purpose of this deck is to take out Tyranitar early(duh!). The unown D is there to protect my PKMN from being TRAMPLED by Tyranitar...The Skarmories are there in
case the PKMN Power does not work(Magby),cause he Won't get to much damage....

The rason I want this Deck fixed is because Chansey does not have a real purpose in this deck,and I want to substitute him for another PKMN,the same for the DCE
and Nightly Garbage run. note:I only play 1 evolution.

Please fix those things!
(Also called Raichu Girl)


Hello to all that read my deck garage!!! Sorry for the lack of updates… I've been rather lazy :P but I'm back! Anyway Tyranitar decks are so cool .. its a very good baby ko'er but hard to get the tyranitar out with all those energies sadly, anyway lets get to the deck.

PKMN(18): Your pokemon line is very nice. Lets just get rid of 1 unown cos starting ith him would be mega bad x_x lets also add in 2 cleffa
she's needed to get those energies

4 Larvitar
3 Pupitar
3 Tyranitar
2 Unown D
3 Chansey
3 cleffa 

Trainers( 24 ): Okay! Tyranitar needs No Removal gym and Ecogym badly.. Without those the energies are easy to target. 
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 No Removal Gym 
2 Ecogym
3 Gold Berry
3 Scoop Up
2 Nightly Garbage Run

4 Dark
3 Rainbow
4 Double Colorless Energy
7 Fighting

Unfortunately i suck at making stage 2 decks.. But this fix is made to best of my knowledge.. just leave the chansey out getting damage till you can send out tyranitar had hit their bench very hard. Good luck with this deck!!!!

"Wow feraligatr 0wned steelix im amazed......."

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