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Beedrill's Pokemon TCG Deck Garage

Hey everybody! Well, here we are at my second deck fix this week. Lets skip the chatter and just go straight to the deck ;P

2 Houndoom
2 Fire, 1 Evil Houndour (3)
2 blaines rapidash
2 blaines ponyta lv.13
2 murkrow
2 sneasel
2 blaines charmander (kindle)
2 igglybuff
2 cleffa
1 chansey
1 gligar

4 dark
4 dce
6 fire
1 fhe

4 cpu search
4 plus
3 oak
3 finder
3 charge
2 garbage run
2 chaos
1 sprout
1 no removal

Cool combo ;D. The new card from neo Discovery, Houndoom is very interesting. I personally liked this card and wanted to make a fun deck with him since the set came out. Well with that in mind Iíll get to work!

Pokemon: With Houndoom as your main poke, its gonna be tough to distribute enough dark to Sneasel so drop them both. Also, Chansey, Gligar and Blaines Charmander donít really need to be in this deck, so weíll add some trainers later to make up for them. Add one more extra Houndoom so you can get it out easier. That should about do it for for Pokemon so lets hop on over to trainers.

Trainers: Just some minor changes. The gyms can be compacted down into 2 Ecogyms, which will help you keep those Dark Energies from being discarded. Also, add 3 Gold Berry to keep your pokemon in the game longer. Finally, some number changes on your existing trainers and the addition of 2 Gust of Wind should seal the deal for your trainers.

Energys: Like the trainers not much to fix here. Add some Rainbow energies so you can attack easier with Murkrow and Houndoom. Drop the lone full heal energy and add a few more Fire and your all set!

Pokemon: (16)

2 Houndour (Fire)

1 Houndour (Dark)

3 Houndoom

2 Blaines Ponyta lv. 13

2 Blaines Rapidash

2 Cleffa

2 Igglybuff

2 Murkrow

Trainers: (25)

4 Professor Oak

4 Item Finder

3 Computer Search

3 Plus Power

3 Gold Berry

2 Gust of Wind

2 Nightly Garbage Run

2 Energy Charge

2 Ecogym

Energy: (19)

4 Dark

3 Rainbow


8 Fire

Overall it looks like a solid deck. Houndooms Crunch is a great attack and can be very vicious. Good luck with the deck :D.


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