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Beedrill's Pokemon TCG Deck Garage

Hey everybody! Beedrill here with my first deck fix ^_^! Iíll do my best to bring you the very best deck fixes every week. For those who donít know me Iím currently a Tournament Director for Pojoís Apprentice League. Well without further ado I give you my first deck fix:

I had this deck for a long time and it's doing great! 95 wins and 2 losts, I might need some help though because there might be a Hawaii STS. So please help me. This deck is like a Haymaker and is great!

Pokemon (13)

2 Base Koffing

1 Dark Weezing

1 Fossil Grimer

1 Dark Muk

1 Rocket's Scyther

2 Fossil Magmars

1 Neo Genisis Magmar

1 Base Growlithe

1 Base Aracanine

1 Brock's Luckitung

1 Jungle Lucitung

Trainers (21)

3 Bills

3 Switch

3 Potion

3 Super Potion

1 Scoop Up

1 Rocket's Traning Gym

2 Gust of Wind

1 Challenge!

1 The Boss's Way

1 Defender

1 Gambler

1 Pokemon Center

Energy (26)

12 Fire Energy

12 Grass Energy

1 Recycle Energy

1 Double Colorless Energy

The strategy is to stall with Fossil Magmars while you get Rocket's Scyther and Neo Magmar to do some damaging and if Magmar and Scyther, aren't enough, Aracanine will do. Koffing and Weezing are to let your opponent suffer from Poisoning or other status. Dark Muk is to make you opponent can't retreat and make them suffer with Sluge Punch. Brock's Luckitung and Luckitung is to help the grass Pokemon for the resistance to Psychic Pokemon!

Interesting deck you have here! Magmar and Scyther are both great pokes. They can deal plenty of damage in a short amount of time. Letís see what I can do to make this deck even better.

Pokemon: Way too many singles of cards! Having multiple copies of a card in your deck will help you a lot since you will be able to find them faster. Lets drop the Weezing line since it really isnít that great of a poke and the Arcanine line since it doesnít really belong. For this deck lets focus on Magmar, Scyther and Dark Muk. Make the Dark Muk line 3-3 so you can be able to get it out quickly. Drop the lone Neo Magmar for a 3rd Fossil Magmar. As for Scyther, weíll add 1 more but Jungle Scyther seems more appropriate for this deck so weíll make it 2 Jungle Scythers. Drop both of the Lickitungs because we have a much better Poke to resist psychic and can stall much longer. This pokemon is Chansey! With 120 HP and only one retreat it is perfect to stall so weíll add in 2 of these. Lastly, add 2 Cleffa for a great card drawer and can stall a little bit with the baby rule. That should do it with the pokemon, lets take a look at the trainers.

Trainers: Lots of work needs to be done here. Drop the Potion and Super Potion, Challenge, Defender, Pokemon Center, Gambler and The Bossís Way. It may seem bad but this must be done to add in trainers, which will help you out a lot more than your current ones. First off we add the key 3 trainers to any deck, 4 Professor Oak, 3 Computer Search, and 4 Item Finder. These are huge card drawing engines and are a must in pretty much all decks. For healing, 3 Gold Berry should do the trick. It acts a Super Potion but no discard of energy, an absolutely fabulous card. Also, add 1 more Rockets Training Gym which is great with Dark Mukís Power. Add in 3 Energy Removal and 3 Super Energy Removal, which also work well with Dark Mukís Power. Finally, drop 2 Billís for 2 Nightly Garbage Run. Ok, weíre almost done, now lets just take a quick peek at the energy.

Energy: Energy is a little bit excessive so lets make some cuts. Drop the Fire Energy down to 6, which should be plenty for Magmar and the Grass down to 8. The lone Recycle Energy isnít needed so lets get rid of that too and step up the Double Colorless Energy to 3. Adding extra trainers made up for the rest of the energy. Everything is done now so hereís the Final Deck Listing for the Fixed Scythmar!

Pokemon: (15)

3 Grimer (Fossil)

3 Dark Muk

2 Scyther (Jungle)

3 Magmar (Fossil)

2 Chansey

2 Cleffa

Trainers: (28)

4 Professor Oak

3 Computer Search

4 Item Finder

3 Gold Berry

3 Energy Removal

3 Super Energy Removal

2 Gust of Wind

2 Switch

2 Rockets Training Gym

2 Nightly Garbage Run

Energy: (17)

8 Grass

6 Fire


Strategy Points:

  1. Dark Mukís Pokemon Power. This power is one of the key points of the deck. It pretty much halts pokemon from retreating while you poison them with Sludge Punch. ER and SER help so that it leaves your opponentís pokemon energyless and unable to retreat. Rockets Training Gym adds to Mukís Power making the defending Pokemon retreat for 3!
  2. Stalling. Magmar and Chansey are the main stallers. Magmar with its Smokescreen will force the opponent to retreat in order to attack safely which is another great place for Rockets Training Gym. Chansey the giant pink fluffball can take a lot of damage and only has one retreat. With these 2 amazing stallers you should be able take a few prizes while building up your main monster, Dark Muk.

Well, thatís pretty much it. Dark Muk is a really cool deck and its very underrated. Best of luck and have fun with this deck :D.


Quote: [Listen strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government..." ~Dennis from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.]


Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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