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Card of the Day

Igglybuff (promo)

      Well, hereís another quickie CotD because I owe you guys.. the new league promo Igglybuff really has one purpose... that is...

Geez, baby flip and sleep to get around.  Thatís a 25% chance theyíre gonna attack it assuming no Switch, Snorlax, etc.. not bad.  You can make it even better.. with..

Is that a 12.5% chance of KO now, assuming they DO do 30+ damage.. maybe a metal energy can make it even more of a nuisance.  With focus band this thing is the ultimate card to stall.  Unfortunately, total stall decks are basically dead because of Cleffaís ability to add cards to the deck.. but, it can stall when someone is low on cards and you can end up wasting the last few turns you need.. or you can stall with it while you build up stuff on your bench.. be careful of..

Uh-oh!  This thing isnít as bad as a Slowking when itís Mean Looked, but itís still bad if they got Slowkings/Dark Vileplume in play when they Mean Look it.  You CAN stall with the sleep and baby if they get the Mean Look to work, but unlike Cleffa, you canít get a new hand until you get the Switch/Gust you need to get out of it.  Youíll just have to wait a while.
If they have the Dark Vileplume, either form a wall of metal energy on your bench fo Murkrow canít finish your bench off, evolve to Jigglypuff (despite the fact that Wigglytuff has lost a lot of power) or darkness/rainbow it to KO it. (poor igglybuff canít dodge that one)

Igglybuff Iíd give a 5.5/10.. itís cool how it can stall, but itís hard to use that stalling to get you anywhere.



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