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Ness's Card of the Day

Team Rocket's Meowth 


The little lemming can do 120 for a colorless!  - Orlandu
Every backwasher's dream...
- Gary
With rigged coins, great.. without them, Gust bait. - Jon
Meowth 0wnz all your little Pikachus! - Ryan
A mini Sneasel! - Michael
Sneasel's little buddy. - Jake

This is one of the coolest promos ever... a lot of things are overlooked about it.   With a bunch of decks such as Clefable/Chansey, Steelix/Chansey and so on becoming popular, you notice they lack the one energy small damage do'er to get those KOs you need.. a one energy baby KO'er is nice too... well, this is where Meowth fits in..  let's take a look at Meowth's abilities.  Our friend Jake (aka JaR) helped pick this CotD after going 4-0 in an online tournament.  If you are signed up on pojo's ladder, sign up for my STANDARD 5 ROUND SWISS tonight.  It's very much fun.. everyone can play.   Ness's 5 Round 0wnage TrueSwiss Tournament

First Turn KO
      Meowth is great with PlusPowers for a first turn KO.  3 PlusPowers VS a 60 HP basic, and a full bench, should give you decent chances for the KO.  It's kind of risky though, since if you get a lot of tails, not only do you not get the KO, but they'll get the prize and you'll lose your Meowth.

It's Downside
Obviously with a lot of Pokémon in play a Meowth can KO your opponent's Pokémon, and even easier, it can KO itself.  Unown N steps in now.  Unown N will take away 3 of those tails to Meowth.  With an Unown N in play, Meowth can be a repetitive attacker, and it can also be a huge surprise because of it's attack only requiring a colorless.   The Unown N combo gives Meowth the ability to attack with a lot of Pokémon in play without knocking itself out.  Of course, -30 isn't always going to save it... but it has another friend to help it...

Metal Energy
      The metal will reduce that damage Meowth does by 10, and to itself to, and if you understand how metal works, you'll know metal reduces that damage it takes too, so Meowth's metal would reduce damage it takes by -20 (read the metal energy cotd if you don't understand), allowing an Unown N + Metal Energy to take away 5 tails of damage to itself.  The metal can also help it survive an attack to make up for it's low HP.  The metal + Unown N is when Meowth becomes a serious threat, and a repetetive attacker. With both benches full, Meowth should still avoid KOing itself if it is undamaged.

HP, Retreat, Weakness, Resistance
A one retreat is no big deal.  The 40 HP make it a bad opener, though.  This Meowth is rarely going to help without Unown, unless you're willing to sacrifice it for the KO.

Anti Sneasel
Since Sneasel's Beat Up does best with full benches, your opponent can help you KO his Sneasel by giving you extra flips at it.  2 full benches means a Dead Sneasel. =/  And as always, the Meowth can be a great surprise attacker to catch your opponent off guard.

Thanks to Unown and Metal, it is safe to rule Meowth a tournament useable card.  I'd give it a 7.5/10.  It is an effective FTKO'er, a baby KO'er, and just an overall cheap, energy efficient, consistant attacker.

-Jason Klaczynski is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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