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Card of the Day

Recycle Energy

"My name's Recycle Energy! Yeah!

Color I do lack! Yeah!!

When I hit the discard! Yeah!!

I always come back!" - Swoll

"If you don't have 4 in your deck, your excuse better be 'I don't own that many' ." - Alex

"Works great with Blaine's Charmander and Super Energy Removal." - Colin

"Pretty nice. Too bad there's Eco Gym for that purpose." -Gavin

"Like a pesky cockroach that keeps on coming back." - Scott

"Passes the popularity test, but not the play test." - Jedi

"Reuse, renew, recycle." - Methane

"It keeps on coming back." - Bob

"Once is never enough." - Doll

2.14.01 I'm back, sorry it takes so long to do my Card of the.. well every 2 weeks, heh. Remember it's not Card of the everyday. Anyway, Wooper and Recycle Energy were very close in the polls, but Recycle ended up pulling ahead by only a few votes, so let's have a look at it. Well, I promised you all I'd get a lot of quotes for Recycle Energy, and I did. Our whole Quote Team, and even a newbie, Methane, has given a quote for Recycle Energy. Nice job, guys. Again, highest % wins as the next CotD! Vote at the bottom of the page.

A lot of people have been asking me what my AIM name is. Well, it's ssentteno backwards. Feel free to IM me..

Get in Play and Keep it in Play

You can play Recycle Energy and know you can continue to play it.  Anyway it leaves play, whether it used to retreat, removed by an attack (your own or your opponent's) or even if the Pokémon is knocked out, it comes back.  

Super Energy Removal Combo!!

This card is like married to Super Energy Removal. What's the downside of Super Energy Removal? Losing an energy! Now you're only losing an energy attachment per turn, and getting rid of 2 of your opponent's precious energies. Very nice.  

Things that require discarding an energy card are great with Recycle Energy.  Blaine's Charmander is another good example. Remember you don't need to discard a fire, you just need a fire on it. So if you get a fire and Recycle on it you can keep Kindling, excessively. This can actually be very deadly, and situational. For example, Blaine's Charmander with Fire and Recycle against a Wigglytuff. Charmander stands a chance, as it can prevent Wigglytuff's "Do the Wave" attack.

It's also good with Super Potion but we all know that card is disgusting and inferior to Gold Berry. If you own Super Potions make use of them by either giving them away or by entertaining yourself by telling younger players you will give them as many Super Potions as they can eat.

Counter Removal

The main reason people play Recycle Energy in their tournament decks is normally because it isn't discarded if it is Energy Removaled, and we all know how popular Removal is at tournaments. Of course, removing it can still slow you down, so don't think of Recycle Energy as being "immune" to Energy Removal.

My Rating

(1- Terrible, useless.  3- Pretty bad.  5- Average.  7- Tournament level.  9- Broken. Just too good.  10- Wrong.)

Recycle Energy is a good card. The Super Energy Removal and Kindle combos are great with it. Play one in your decks, and try it out, as Recycle Energy is pretty versatile. It's weird rating energy, but 7.5. (Full Heal Energy is best single colorless energy, in my opinion.)

The STS is coming back, maybe we'll say 15/3 again? (I hope not! Let's see a big tournament run normally so we can see how Heroes, Challenge and Neo do in Standard!!) Anyway, you can't max out on SER, and even playing 3 takes up space, and you should have enough energy anyway, so so much for that combo, and not to mention your opponent has a lot of energy too, most likely. The best part of it is weakened. It loses power. 6.0.

Pointless Comments

Is it worth it in a fast Wiggly deck?  Eh, dunno. I still prefer the Full Heal Energies. One in any deck should never hurt, though. Try it out!

~Jason (Ness) Klaczynski

- CotD -
So is it, Steelix, his buddy, or somethin else for the next CotD?

Metal Energy



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