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Card of the Day


"Magby he does, magby he doesn't.." - Doll

"It has a big puffy head, it can't lose!" - Robby

"Not very stable, but great against Dark Vileplume." - Colin

"Not very stable, but great against Dark Vileplume." - Brett

"I thought Wizards was trying to encourage evoution decks." - Jason

4.19.01 Sorry I take so long to do these things, but here is the long awaited Magby. The quote up there is from a different Jason, if you're wondering.  Anyway, it seems this card has been one of those cards ya use one of in your decks.. here's why:

The Metagame

Magby shuts Pokémon powers down until the end of your next turn, not your opponent's, which makes it a very useful addition to decks that don't rely on powers. One is all ya need to shut down...

Dark Vileplume: You Sputter, and no matter what, you'll be able to play your trainers next turn.  You may let your opponent play trainers, but the best thing a Dark Vileplume deck can normally do after a Sputter is just try to Lass you and hope you don't topdeck the Oak.  Of course, they then have to knock out the Magby, which can be difficult because of the baby rule, and eventually you will draw the Oak back. Even if Magby is knocked out after a Sputter, you can play trainers on your next turn.

Slowking: Like Dark Vileplume, Slowking is a pest that can stop you from playing the trainers you need to play to win the game. Magby stops it. Your opponent's best option is most likely to Lass you and hope you don't topdeck.

Blastoise: If they haven't got it out yet, and you have no better options, you can slow your opponent down by getting rid of their option to have a fully powered Articuno/Blastoise in a turn with Sputter.

Meganium: It does slow Meganium down by making it pay GGGG for 40, and now 3 to retreat, so after an Energy Removal and a Sputter, they may be stuck with a Meganium that can't do a thing, or a Pinsir that can't do much, etc, but this Sputter is much more situational than against Dark Plume / Slowking.

Erika's Dratini: Sputter, then next turn you can knock it out easily.

And there's more things it can stop, but Slowking and Dark Vileplume are pretty much the only things you'll normally end up Sputtering against.

Baby Rule

The baby rule always helps, especially against Plume/King. You may Sputter, and your opponent may want to Lass you and then get rid o the Magby as quick as possible. They can fail, thus allowing you more time to draw the Oak.


Deeper Look at Sputter

Magby, unlike Cleffa, Pichu, and Elekid, is the only baby Pokémon that simply does a set amount of damage to the Defending Pokémon, without the flip.  The baby rule and an ability to do damage are a nice combo, since you can continue to do damage that adds up, while the baby rule prevents it from being knocked out.  Of course, 10 damage doesn't normally mean a lot, but nicely timed Sputters can take advantage of this. For example, a Sneasel/Slowking deck may have two Slowkings out and a Sneasel with 10 HP left. Not only can the Sputter knock out the threat, but also disable the Mind Games for your next turn.

Although it is a baby though, your opponent can force you to take a chance trying to Sputter another baby. Of course, here is where strategy and luck combine.  You can try to Sputter, and fail.  Your opponent can then bring out a Pokémon to try to take out your Sputtering option, by knocking out Magby.  The coin flip decides if they will remove your Sputtering option, and get a prize, or if they will fail, allowing you to Sputter without a flip.

My Rating

(1- Terrible, useless.  3- Pretty bad.  5- Average.  7- Tournament level.  9- Broken. Just too good.  10- Wrong.)

This is a tournament level card, and it's a necessity when playing against Dark Vileplume / Slowking decks often. I'd give it a 7.0.

- CotD Poll -
What should be the next CotD?

Ferilagatr (Downpour)
Typloshion (F Recharge)
Erika's Dratini
Drowzee (R)


~Jason (Ness) Klaczynski

Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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