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Ness's Nest


     Three articles in a row?  I don't know what my problem is, but I feel like writing stuff... I guess I'll write about another deck.  Maybe I'll end up talking about 10 decks by the time I'm done.  Anyway, Steelix is a very strong deck.  It is one of the best choices versus the Snichu deck I was just talking about.  It also stands a decent chance versus Slowking.  The reason a Muk line is unplayable in here is simply because versus Slowking you don't make much use of the Muk.  What trainers need you to play?  Gold Berry and Eco... I think if you're going to play Muk, you need the high ER line to stop the Sneasel while it's vulnerable.  And because we play Eco (which is necessary), we can't play a high removal line, and therefore, Muk isn't worth it.  It will simply be taken down a Beat Up after being Gusted.

       Anyway, this is a deck that Igglybuff, Ditto, and Unown N should be in.  But with Murkrow everywhere, and the Pichu which novice players rely on in Slowking, they stand not a chance.  Now, I mean not to criticize in Pichu in Slowking.. but if you learn to play Slowking correctly, you should always be able to take our Igglybuffs with a temporary Mean Look lock...  anyway, the deck:

Pokémon (17)
4x Cleffa
3x Onix (Southern Islands)
3x Steelix
2x Chansey
2x Pichu
2x Tyrogue
1x Brock's Mankey

       Again, Pichu.  It's anti-power.  Either focus on a game-winning Pokémon Power (Slowking/Typhlosion), metagame it completely (Muk/Pichu), or both (Brock's Ninetales/Pichu).  Tyrogue is something I simply consider a good card.  I'd suggest using it in almost every deck.  If you want a 50% baby KO take out a Tyrogue for an Erika's Jigglypuff.  Afterall, you got Onix to attack fighting weaknesses.  4 Cleffa surprises nobody.  It's not "giving up prizes," you don't need to bench every one of them.  It's Cleffa that allows you to get Steelix built in a high Lass environment.  Don't bench the damn Onix unless you can protect it from a Gust.  If you bench it and they have Gusting options, it gets Gusted, they get 100 Eeeeeeeks off, and you freaking resign. Bench the Onix after you Lass.  And then, almost regardless, drop the Eco/Chaos (unless they play low removal and you can make use of your own), and build the damn Steelix.  And- you have the Taunt/Chaos option versus Slowking.  Then Zzzap like a motha.

Energy (13)
4x Metal Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy
4x Recycle Energy
1x Rainbow Energy
       Yeah, this is where you can understand why Arithmetech can take over with Pokémon Tower.  3 SER and 4 ER can remove and permanently remove, thanks to Pokémon Tower, 10 energy.  Like Snichu, we'll do our best to help the energy get back in with our trainers.

Trainers (30)
3x Lass
3x Computer Search
3x Gold Berry
3x Energy Charge
3x Item Finder
3x EcoGym
2x Chaos Gym

2x Professor Oak
2x Professor Elm
2x Gust of Wind
2x Super Energy Removal
1x Switch
1x Scoop Up
       Make sure you don't try to focus completely on one Steelix, because when it goes down- your winning chances go down with it.  In general, 2 attacking Steelixes is very nice.   I don't need to go into details.  You should get the idea.  A Steelix is dealing damage and is very difficult to knock out.  Eco and Chaos take away it's remaining flaw- ER vulnerability.   The Super is nice after they default and super you, or always, to remove double colorless.  It can be used before you play the Eco, too.

     Maybe I'll write ANOTHER deck thing-a-ma-jig?  ;x
jay is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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