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Ness's Nest


       Well, I had to write something.  After all, I figured if I didn't write something soon I'd be assumed dead. =/

       Anyway, most of you probably remember Arithmetic.  The Rocket's Zapdos/Metal/Gold Berry focused haymakers.  Well, Arithmetic lost a lot of it's power when Neo came out.  But recently, a nice little promo came out and gave the deck just enough life to be considered useable.

       Before I even say anything else, let me remind you, this is a Chicago deck.  It's made to be able to beat many other decks, like Typhlosion, which is more popular in Chicago than anywhere else, I believe.  Although it can work anywhere, it works best in an area where Slowking dominates, Typhlosion is popular, and Chansey/Wigglytuff are seen a lot, too.   Slowking is everywhere, and while this isn't exactly a Slowking metagame, it stands a nice chance versus it.

Pokémon  (15)
4x Cleffa
3x Rocket's Zapdos
3x Grimer
2x Muk
2x Tyrogue
1x Electabuzz

Even in a fast deck, I max out on Cleffa.  It simply it a big disadvantage being Lassed and Eeeeeeeked against when you're opening with something like a Zapdos, or Electabuzz.  It gives them 2-3 Eeeeeeeks on average, which is enough for a Slowking deck to gain a huge advantage.  You can't let that happen.  You need to be able to set up to.  Muk really poops on Typhlosion's face and then makes it eat it's poop to rub it in.  Yeah, it's nasty metagame.  Tyrogue is seriously just a nice card.  It can deal damage and avoid it.  For any smart ass that tries playing Clefable (who of course is an idiot because it just begs to be Sprouted and Mean Looked by anyone who isn't a total idiot playing Slowking), simply Smash Punch them.  It's also useful versus Chansey, Wigglytuff, Erika's Jigglypuff, Electabuzz, and has a scary 25% baby KO chance. Because of the lack of recycle energy in this deck, will be using two lightning most often to attack.  That's too vulnerable to SER, so we only have one.  You can play a 3/3 Muk line, or 2/2, and you can also add an Erika's Jigglypuff in.

Energy (13)
9x Lightning Energy
2x Double Colorless Energy
2x Metal Energy
Very similar to old Arithmetic versions.  There is no Recycle energy.  We're going to tech against Recycle energy.  Metal, of course, is great with Zapdos, and situational.  The double colorlesses help the Muk, Zapdos, and Electabuzz retreat when they have to.

Trainers (32)
4x Professor Oak
4x Energy Removal

3x Computer Search
3x Pokémon Tower
3x Super Energy Removal
3x Gust of Wind
3x Gold Berry
3x Lass
2x PlusPower
1x Double Gust
1x Switch
1x Secret Mission
1x Nightly Garbage Run

We have a very heavy removal line.  Combined with Pokémon Tower, you should be able to wipe out any Chansey deck or Steelix deck because Recycle Energy doesn't come to your hand when you Super with a Pokémon Tower in play.  Do we need recycle energy?  No.  We have Rocket's Zapdos to get lightning out of the discard and make it a high-damage-dealing threat.  There is not Item Finder, and therefore timing is crucial with every trainer you play with this deck.  You shouldn't play a Pokémon Tower and not take out Recycle Energy or not prevent an Item Finder from being used because it ends up simply being defaulted.  You need to drop that Tower, then Super the two Recycles off the Wigglytuff or Chansey.  The high amount of Gusts allows Zapdos to be able to Plasma without failing versus the Cleffa, thus slowing it down.  Now, this deck has a problem with being Eeeeeeeked against. A Zapdos can't KO a Cleffa with 1 Plasma, and on average, it's probably around 3 turns.  That's too many.  2 PlusPower help this, and then the Double Gust and the Switch also help.  The 4 Oak, 3 Comp, and even the Secret Mission help make the deck faster.  You do not want to get stuck with a single-energied Zapdos versus a Cleffa with no lightning in the discard, but no matter what, it will happen occasionally simply because you are Lassed.  This is why Sneasel is broken and superior to everything.  It's high damage and, it's fast- AND IT HAS NO RETREAT COST.  Crazy.  Well, anyway, as for Sneasel, a 4/3 removal line with 3 defaults (to take out Eco) give it a good chance versus it.  

This deck isn't something miraculous, but realize Pokémon Tower is something that allows basic energy decks to become stronger...  it really isn't that bad of a deck if Chansey, Wigglytuff, Typhlosion, Slowking, and Steelix are all popular.  And in most areas- these decks are popular.    So try it out if you liked Arithmetic.

-Jason is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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