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Ness's Cards of the Day

Top 5 Standard Decks

Close to not making the cut are many variants of Muk/Sneasel decks.

#5   Wigglytuff/Chansey
    Wigglytuff is not a dead deck.  The old type of Wigglytuff deck, the 4 PlusPower turn 2 Wiggly is.  The new Wigglytuff plays Chansey, metals, and 4 recycle energies.  Recycle energy on Wigglytuff makes Wigglytuff's worst enemy, Super Energy Removal, ineffective.  You can Do the Wave after being Supered the next turn.  And Energy Charges make it even harder to keep the Double Colorless Energy and Metal Energy off the Chansey.

Typhlosion/Blaine's Arcanine
I'm sick of hearing that this deck doesn't work, or it NEEDS Item Finder.  The deck is very similar to the modified version I played at the STS.  It just needs Comp Search, Gust, Oak, Super Energy Removal.  The deck can beat anything, but Muk, and it really stands a low chance VS Muk.  It's worst enemy seems to be a quick Sneasel.  Typhlosion without Blaine's Arcanine and Dittos instead to metagame Sneasel can also work if it's popular in your environment.  The default can be Sprout if Clefable is around.  Double evolution or not- with Cleffa, it works.  You cannot stop evolution as easily anymore.  Focus Band keeps the Cleffa alive or benched Cyndaquils/Growlithes alive to buy the turns you need to get the Typhlosions out...  one attacking Typhlosion can take down everything in a Slowking deck.

#3   Clefable/Chansey/Unown N
     The Unown N is great for self-damaging attacks with Clefable, Chansey, and also Team Rocket's Meowth.  Igglybuffs are needed as the deck is very vulnerable to Murkrow and Slowking, and even with them, the deck remains vulnerable to it, and needs to constantly be playing it's Energy Removals to avoid losing to the deck.  Building a Chansey with recycles and metals forces them to start using their ERs, and when you're using yours, but you have the 4 Recycle Energy and 2/3 Energy Charge, they eventually cannot stop it, and the Chansey starts going through everything.  Clefable is forced to retreat a lot, so that's why Recycle Energy works so well with it.  Rocket's Zapdos, Typhlosion, Blaine's Arcanine, Arcanine.. there are a lot of things vulnerable to Clefable.  Remember to play a Double Gust and 2 Gust if you play this deck. =/

This deck is so reliable.  It's difficult to get stuck with many things that are easily knocked out first turn, and the new Onix can actually do damage.  With Ditto being able to take out Sneasel, metal energy to make Feint Attacking Iggly only do 10, and a consistent attacker that can get around Gold Berry and one-hit KO Sneasel (with rainbow damage) and Murkrow on a flip, this deck can actually consistently beat a Slowking deck, especially if it doesn't play more than one default gym (to take out Eco) or low energy removal line.  An Unown N or two is great with Chansey, maybe a Team Rocket's Meowth can be thrown in.. just remember, Unown IS something that is very nastily =/ vulnerable to Murkrow.  This is a high Gold Berry Deck.  Vulnerable to Super Energy Removal?  With 3 EcoGym, 2 Chaos Gym, and 3 Energy Charge.. it can beat the SERs, and it plays 2 itself, so if they do take out the EcoGym and Super.. you can catch them off guard by Supering them right back.

     Yes, it's weakened, but you need to know how to play it right.  If you can play it right, it can beat anything.  If you learn how to use Murkrow to make a benched Scyther or Chansey automatically lose your opponent the game, you know how to play it well.  Every card in the deck is too powerful, and they all work together... it's a truly broken combo.  Pichu is not necessarily the best way to get around Igglybuff, Mean Look and Feint Attacking is. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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