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Ness's Cards of the Day

Top 5 Modified Decks

    Every deck listed here should play at least 3 Cleffa, Focus Band, Double Gust..  if it's not listed in the title, it's common sense to just play it.

#5   Donphan/Pichu/Rocket's Hitmonchan
    Donphan gets to a point in games where it's unstoppable.  Whatever you have, your opponent just will use Rapid Spin, and send out a baby with a Focus Band.  You don't even want to take the 25% because it will probably fail and your Pokémon will take 50', and repeat.  Pichu can start damaging your bench (since almost every deck plays Pokémon Powers), forcing you to try to attack.  Rocket's Hitmonchan is definitely effective VS Feraligatr, Typhlosion, and almost anything in situations.. it's also useful with Focus Band. =/

Giovanni's Machamp/Rocket's Hitmonchan
When the Machamp gets going with Focus Band and it's Pokémon Power, Fortitude, it gets very hard to stop.  Giovanni's Last Resort makes it even harder to knock out, and eventually, it seems to go through everything, and no matter what you do, you can't knock it out.  Rocket's Hitmonchan is good back-up.

#3   Erika's Victreebel/Murkrow/Rocket's Scyther/Chaos Gym
     This deck can have trouble, and put the game on many flips.  It's main idea is to be able to beat Feraligatr.  The Bellsprout and a dark energy knock out the Totodile.  Erika's Weepinbell knocks out the Croconaw.  So does Victreebel, which does 100 to the Feraligatr.  Victreebel with 3 grass makes it nearly impossible to try to start building another anything, as it can take it down before it reaches it's evolution.  Erika's Victreebel also helps Murkrow get a Mean Look lock on something like an Unown, and the opponent's bench is wiped out, and the Murkrow player easily wins on time.  Erika's Perfume can force them to bench an Unown, or something like a Rocket's Hitmonchan that is only able to be effectively Mean Looked because the opponent is low on energy.  

Typhlosion/Blaine's Arcanine/Chaos Gym
      This deck is SO good.  If it can beat Feraligatr, it can pretty much beat anything else.  That's why it needs Chaos Gym.  (Feraliagtr cannot consistantly do mass damage without trainers.) Smeargle has really made it harder for this deck to win, but it still can.  It's too easy to get evolution out in modified, and if you play this deck, you can overpower anything.  Blaine's Arcanine with 2+ Typhlosions is able to Fire Storm basically every other turn, and that's more than enough.  One Typhlosion takes down everything in a Steelix or Erika's Victreebel deck.  Fire Recharge makes it easy to pay the retreat for whatever your opponent sends out from a Double Gust.  

Feraligatr / A Lot of Tech
     Yes, I hate the word tech, and especially "TeCH," but I'm using it because it's the truth.  Feraligatr consistantly knocks out almost anything because it has supportive trainers.  Wrathing 3 times on the first turn doesn't automatically lose the game, like it would for any other deck, because Feraligatr feeds off of it, and stops it from decking, too.  Brock's Mankeys are added to counter Slowking, Smeargles, to counter other Feraligatr, Blaine's Arcanine, Rocket's Zapdos.. and a lot of other things.  Magby is nice VS Slowking, Erika's Victreebel, Typhlosion, Forretress, other Feraligatr decks etc.  Skarmory can be used for anti-Erika's Victreebel, but it isn't worth it.  Elekid can be used for the turns you cannot Riptide for enough damage or don't need to Eeeeeeek and can't do damage.  It doesn't need Igglybuff as Magby is simply a lot better.  You can retreat to end the effect to use your powers because of the weird ruling, and that 10 damage is always great to knock out a Pokémon that a Focus Band has kept in play. A metal energy makes Feraligatr unable to be knocked out by almost anything.
    Feraligatr is the strongest deck, the most popular deck, and the most metagamed deck.

Have fun.
-Ness is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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