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Ness's Card of the Day


       I understand Neo: Genesis Pichu isn't the newest of the cards, but it's proving itself more and more useful.. especially in modified.

First, let's look at Pichu in standard.. we see some common things:

Muk VS Pichu
Well, you're not going to play Pichu and Muk in the same deck.  Muk seems to get the job done.  It's probably more effective versus Slowking than Pichu is.  However, Pichu is a baby.  It can slow your opponent down first turn.  It has no retreat cost, and unlike Muk, isn't always a target for Gust of Wind.  And not only will it shut down your opponents powers in the long run if played right, but it will use the powers against them to get you prizes.

Pichu's Main Targets
Pichu goes after a lot of things.  Igglybuff is the most common, being common in many decks and going down in 2 zaps, or 1 if it's taken any damage.  Ditto is seen everywhere, and Slowking is probably the most popular deck around right now.  Unown N, too.  Typhlosion.  There are so many other powers that show up occasionally too.. but the problem is being able to get enough Zzzaps off.  Well, you can, by playing multiple Pichus and...

Focus Band
Pichu is my favorite card to play Focus Band. With Focus Band, your Pichu has a lower chance of being knocked out, and therefore, a higher chance of being able to attack more, and therefore a higher chance of being able to get enough Zzzaps off to KO your opponent's high HP Pokémon with powers.  Versus Slowking it is important to get the Focus Bands on 1 or 2 Pichu early before the Kings can stop the Focus Band from being played. 
       Overall, Pichu is an effective card and definitely has many advantages over Muk..... in standard, I'd rate it a

As for modified............

Powers Everywhere
       It's true, it's so true, and it's even more true in modified.  Pokémon Powers are in almost every popular modified deck... look at it:
Slowking - There's numerous versions of Slowking decks in modified, but they all can go down if a Pichu is able to take down multiple Slowkings in the flipping war of trying to KO the Pichu versus Zzzap.  The best you can do is give yourself flipless Zzzaps with Double Gust and Zzzap when Pichu has the best chance of not being knocked out.
Typhlosion - Typhlosions can go down to this thing, too.  That one Pichu that fits in Gatr isn't just for Slowking, it can butcher this deck even more with back-up. =)
Feraligatr - Yeah, it's difficult to get siz Zzzaps off, and hardly worth it considering you only occasionally see multiple Gatrs out.
Entei/Magcargo - Oh good god! =/
Erika's Victreebel - It's still out there.. Pichu does 20 to it.
Giovanni's Machamp - Takes 20.. but then it just simply isn't knocked out.. and the Pichu versus Machamp becomes war of coin flips.

However, there are powerless decks.. these are the decks Pichu works best in.
Crobat! - Crobat is an amazing deck and I guarantee you will see it in Top 8 at the STS.  It is a reliable consistent deck that is able to beat Feraligatr, and use both Murkrow and Pichu, with their favorite respective back-up trainers, Chaos Gym and Focus Band.   This deck is deadly.

Donphan! - Okay, hopefully with more Crobat around I don't have to keep mentioning this obese rock elephant. =/

That's basically all there is to say for modified.. where I'd say Pichu is probably around an 8/10.. there's just so many powers.

Seeya at the STS.
-Jason is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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